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Heroes of Might & Magic III: HD Edition: Beginner’s Guide – Tips for New Players


Are you on the hunt for a comprehensive guide and helpful hints for Heroes of Might and Magic III newbies? Discover everything essential before embarking on your adventure in Enroth.


  • When recruiting heroes from taverns, you’ll find two choices. Sometimes, neither hero might be suitable due to race incompatibility with your castles or poor specialized skills (like Navigation in most cases). If you’re new to the game, try restarting the scenario or saving and reloading on the seventh day of the week. See which heroes are available for hire next, and if you’re not satisfied, reload your game. Some heroes show up less frequently, with Sir Christian (starting with a ballista) and Solymr (Chain Lightning specialty) being two solid options.


  • An army composed solely of units native to a particular terrain won’t experience movement penalties when traversing that terrain (e.g., a Witch with only Fortress units in swampland).


  • Some creatures, like naga queens and vampire lords, possess the no-retaliation ability. To minimize damage, have them attack powerful enemy units first, followed by your stronger units.


  • Your movement on the world map depends on your slowest creature unit, as well as Logistics or Pathfinding skills and artifacts. To boost movement speed, consider leaving behind slower units.




  • Certain creature units can cast spells, like the genie’s random beneficial spell and the ogre mage’s Bloodlust spell. Split these units among empty slots to maximize spellcasting in one round.


  • The Scholar skill lets heroes exchange spells with just one skilled hero needed. This is great for learning up to level 4 spells without visiting all castles. Click on each hero to trade spells efficiently.


  • When fighting elementals, use magic classes they’re vulnerable to. Check elemental unit descriptions for guidance.


  • With Advanced or Expert Water Magic and the Summon Boat spell, you can conjure a free boat near water without needing a boat or shipyard.


  • Dendroid soldiers can entangle enemy units, immobilizing them until the dendroid moves or gets attacked.


  • As a Necromancer, you can summon skeletons from defeated foes. Make sure to have skeletons in your army to raise skeleton warriors, an upgraded version.




  • Vampire lords can regenerate with no retaliation, making them effective as they leech energy from enemies and heal themselves. This works best against large numbers of weaker, “living” creatures.


  • During castle sieges, Cyclops and Cyclops kings can demolish walls, allowing your troops to enter faster. They can also target damaging castle archers.


  • Golems, particularly obsidian golems, are highly resistant to magic. Avoid using magic against them unless absolutely necessary.




  • The Chain Lightning spell can damage multiple units but doesn’t discriminate between allies and enemies. Be cautious when using this spell.



  • At the Advanced level, the Resurrection spell is useful, as resurrected creature units will stay with you after battle. At the Normal level, they’ll only persist for the battle’s duration.


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