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Heroes of Might & Magic III: HD Edition: Beginner’s Guide – Tips for New Players

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Are you looking for a Heroes of Might and Magic III beginner’s guide and tips? Everything you need to know before heading to Enroth.


  • When it comes to hiring heroes from taverns, you have two hero options. Sometimes, you may not want any heroes because their race is incompatible with your castles or their specialized skills are terrible (for example, Navigation in most scenarios). As a result, if you’re just getting started, you can try restarting the scenario or saving and reloading the game on the seventh day of the week. Check out what heroes you’ll be able to hire in the next round, and if you’re not happy with them, reload the game. Some heroes, on the other hand, appear less frequently than others. In my opinion, Sir Christian (start with ballista) and Solymr (Chain Lightning specialty) are two good heroes.


  • When traversing its native terrain, an army made up of only units native to the same terrain will not suffer any movement penalties (for example, a Witch with only Fortress units will not suffer any movement penalties when traversing swampland).


  • Many creatures, e.g., naga queens, vampire lords, have the ability of no retaliation to their attacks. Therefore, against very powerful enemy units, it is best for these creatures to act first before the other units (but, if possible, after the ranged units). Then, have one of your more powerful units attack after that. This way, you can minimize your damage.


  • Movement is based on the slowest creature unit. The number of movement points you have on the world map is determined by more than just your Logistics or Pathfinding abilities or the artifacts you’ve collected. It can also be reduced based on your army’s slowest creature unit. As a result, if you want to move quickly, you might want to consider dropping some of your army’s slowest units.


  • Some creature units can cast their spells, such as the genie’s random beneficial spell and the ogre mage’s Bloodlust spell. If you have these creatures in your army and some empty slots, you can split them up and place them in the empty slots to cast as many spells in one round as you can split up your genie or ogre mage units. For example, if you have three empty slots and some ogre magi, you can split them up and place them in the three empty slots to cast as many spells in one round as you can split up your genie or ogre mage units. You can now cast Bloodlust four times in a single round! To do this, you only need one creature per slot!


  • The Scholar skill allows heroes to trade spells with one another. You only need one of them to be skilled. This skill is extremely useful in having all of your heroes learn up to level 4 spells combined without having to visit all of the castles. The best way to trade spells is for the Scholar hero to click on each hero from one end of the map to the other and then back again.


  • When fighting against elementals, you should use classes of magic which it is more vulnerable to. Check the description of the elemental unit to find out which class of magic to use against which type of elementals.


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  • You can get a free boat even if no boat or shipyard is available on the world map. Have your Water Magic skill at the Advanced or Expert level as well as the spell Summon Boat. Then, cast this spell near the water, and a boat will pop out of nowhere for your use, without cost to resources (except the mana points used to cast the spell).


  • Dendroid soldiers can entangle the unit it is attacking. If the enemy unit is entangled, it cannot move until the dendroid moves or is attacked by another unit.


  • When you play as the Necromancer, you can summon skeletons from defeated enemies. Your Necromancer can also raise the skeleton warriors, which are an upgraded model. It would be best to have any skeletons in your Necromancer’s army to accomplish this. One of the units must be skeleton warriors, and your Necromancer’s army must not have any empty slots. You’ll get skeleton warriors every time your Necromancer defeats his enemies if these requirements are met.


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  • Vampire lords can regenerate and have no retaliation. As a result, it is a very effective unit to use, as it attacks an enemy while sucking energy from it and transferring it to itself. This allows it to regain lost health points and even resurrect members of the unit killed. This is most effective against weak units with a large number of them. This only works on “living” creatures.


  • During siege battles on castles, the Cyclops and Cyclops kings could knock down castle walls. This will come in handy if you need to quickly get your troops into the castle but don’t have enough ballistic power. You can also use them to target the castle archers who cause damage.


  • Avoid using magic against golems. Golems, especially obsidian golems, are extremely resistant to magic. Avoid using magic against them unless you have no other option.


  • The Chain Lightning spell is very useful because it can seriously damage multiple units in a single turn. The disadvantage of the spell is that it does not distinguish between friend and foe. No matter how many enemy units are on the screen, they will still inflict four (five if your Air Spell Skill Enhanced) damage, including your units, if they are closer to the targeted unit or if there are four (or less than five) enemy units. As a result, you may hesitate to use this spell.


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  • At the Advanced level, the Resurrection spell is handy. The creature units you resurrect will remain with you even after the battle is over. At the Normal level, your resurrected units can only be used in battle and will then vanish.


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