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F1 2021: Video Game Tips and Tricks: a Beginner’s Guide

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Tips and Tricks: a Beginner’s Guide

F1 2021: Video Game guide is filled with essential tips and tricks to help you master the game.



Race Starts

The trick to getting a good start is quick reactions and avoiding wheelspin. An excellent way to ensure you get a good launch is to turn down your fuel mixture to lean. This will stop too much power from going through the rear tires. The next step is to get the revs at the optimal point and balance it there until the race starts. To do this, you’ll need to lightly press down the trigger or pedal, so the car is getting between 30-50% throttle.



Use Assists

While it is true that the ultimate lap times are only possible when all assists are turned off, you should not be afraid to use them, especially if you’re not very familiar with the series. The assists should not be seen as a badge of shame but rather as a learning aid to help you get to grips with the basics of racing so that you can gradually improve over time.


F1 2021: Video Game – Assists Guide



Pay Attention To Your Tires

Your car’s tires play a vital role in the game, but they can quickly wear out if you’re not careful. To learn more about how the tires work in the game, you should check out the practice programs in the game, and you will be able to understand the basics of how tires work.




Practice! You can get used to any car, track, or variation in the game- as long as you practice. You will not start winning at this game right away- but stick with it because it pays off.



Car Setup

A fundamental phase of the pre-race weekend is the in-depth study of the circuit and its characteristics. Your team will provide you with an analysis of the course, curves, maximum speeds, and race strategy. Use this to customize the car setup, changing downforce, weight, amount of fuel to be transported, and much more.



Career Mode

Play the career mode! The career mode is an excellent way of getting used to the game with a smooth progression curve- but if you do play it, try playing one of the lower-ranked teams. The higher-ranked teams start to have far more challenging objectives for you to complete.



Lastly, Be mindful of your surroundings! Tracks in F1 2021 are not like tracks in Mario Kart, but there are still things to keep track of- curves, slope, weather, and more.


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