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Coromon: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide – Tips & Tricks

Coromon: Ultimate Beginner's Guide - Tips & Tricks

It’s been a long time since the early days of Pokemon. The original Red and Blue versions were released all the way back in 1996! If you get misty-eyed when you think about the adventures you experienced on the original Game Boy, then the developers at TRAGsoft have just released the perfect game to feed that nostalgia.


That game is called Coromon, and it looks and functions just like those classic Pokemon games, but with a bunch of modern upgrades that make the experience accessible to just about anyone. If you’re interested in getting into Coromon, or have already started it, I have a few tips in this Coromon Beginner’s Guide that will better prepare you for the challenges you will face. If you want to be the very best, then grab your monsters, and let’s get started!



  1. Maximum Potential

As you begin to collect Coromon, you will notice that they each have a “potential” rating. In general, this number will determine your Coromon’s overall power level as they grow and gain abilities. Coromon rated from 1-16 will be “standard”, those from 17-20 will be “potent”, and if you manage to find one with a rating of 21, it will be “perfect”. Finding standard and potent Coromon doesn’t mean that you should throw them away until you find a perfect one, because they are pretty rare. Take care of your standard and potent Coromon, but if you come across a perfect one, consider adding it to your team immediately.


You’ll need a device called a potential reader to figure out what a Coromon’s potent values are. At Donar Island, defeat Voltgar (the first titan). After that, go to the same island’s lab and talk to the NPCs in the room full of Buzzlets; one of them will ask you to catch a Buzzlet with a potential value of 15 or higher and give you a Potential Reader (which you can use on captured Coromon to see their potential but only outside of battle). Also, please note that you don’t have to complete his quest to keep the reader.


Coromon: Ultimate Beginner's Guide - Tips & Tricks



  1. Extra Information During Battles

When you begin a Coromon battle, you will be able to bring up a window that contains quite a bit of information about the opposing Coromon. Most importantly, it will tell you its rating and if you have caught this version already. These are important things to keep an eye on, so when you enter a random battle, take a few seconds to look at this information. It can be accessed by clicking on the enemy’s HP bar. Just like it’s Pokemon inspiration, Coromon battles are turn-based, so you aren’t under any kind of time limit to check this information either. Take your time, and plan accordingly.



  1. Zone Availability

On the overworld map, you are able to travel to different zones or locations to progress the Coromon story. But, if you aren’t actively seeking to move forward narratively, you can spend some time hopping around to different zones to fill out your list of caught Coromon. The game makes this fairly easy, as when you select a zone from the overworld map, you will be shown a list of the Coromon that you have already encountered in that area, whether it was a trainer’s or in the wild. This is very useful, so you don’t waste time if you’re looking for a specific Coromon.


Coromon: Ultimate Beginner's Guide - Tips & Tricks



  1. Make Use of Milestones

As you play the game, it will track your completion of certain objectives, like how many battles you have fought, how many Coromon you have evolved, etc. You can check your Milestones menu to see your progress in these numerous objectives and claim XP once you’ve reached them. These XP points can then be traded in for many useful items, including money, ability trainers, and health items, among others. At the beginning of the game, you will unlock a bunch of these passively, so don’t forget to check your Milestones fairly frequently.



  1. Extra Game Options

Coromon isn’t just a modern recreation of classic Pokemon, it is also a highly customizable experience. You can play the game in one of four difficulty modes that range from easy to insane, but you’re also able to further customize your experience with “custom mode”, which is unlocked after you defeat the first of the game’s six titan Coromon, Voltgar. With these settings unlocked, you can alter aspects of the game that can make your experience easier or more difficult. You’re free to modify however you want, and if you’re a veteran Pokemon fan, there are settings that will essentially allow you to create your own “nuzlocke” run.


These settings are available in the in-game menu, but the home screen settings menu also has a number of settings for you to play with. You can change things like the visibility of special spinners, and whether or not the game notifies you of the next Coromon a trainer will send out.



Miscellaneous Tips & Tricks

  • Can’t immediately decide what stat to invest your bonus stat points in? Just press the “Postpone remaining” button, and you can distribute those points later in the Coromon Summary.


  • You can quickly swap squad members from the menu by holding down on their portrait or through drag and drop.


  • Would you like to quickly select the last item you’ve used? Just hold the items button for a short moment.


  • In the settings menu, you can assign functionality to holding down the pause button, use it to save the game, or reorder your squad for example!


  • If you hold the “A (Xbox Controller) / X (PlayStation Controller)” button on a Coromon when you press the menu. It’ll automatically come up with the switch Coromon option. Much faster than going through the menus.


  • You can use the number keys 1-9 to quickly select buttons in almost every screen. Use them to select your saveslot in the main menu for example!


  • Hold Square/X while running on the controller to bind items and change abilities.




Enjoy your adventure, Coromon collectors! I hope you find this guide helpful as you make your way through the game. Don’t forget to play with the settings to see what works for you. Good luck, and catch them all!


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