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TOP 5 Mortal Online 2 Tips for Surviving PvP Ganks

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Mortal Online 2 is a brutal game where everything and anything is fair. One big element that sets it apart from other MMORPGs is its approach to open-world PvP that allows players to do whatever they want, including ganking others. This makes venturing out into the wild a dangerous affair.


Fortunately, there are a few tips that’ll help you survive PvP ganks and hopefully keep you alive longer.



Maintain Awareness and Avoid Others

Every player you may encounter has the potential to be your next killer. Whether in a group or on their own, finding other players can lead to your demise and the loss of your stuff. For this reason, it’s best to keep your head on a swivel and ensure you’re aware of your surroundings at all times.


TOP 5 Mortal Online 2 Tips for Surviving PvP Ganks


Some players may try to jump you from behind cover. Others may act friendly to approach you and stab you in the back. Always be wary of who you meet and keep your distance until you can at least confirm they’re not out for your skin.



Your Horse is Your Ally

Horses in Mortal Online 2 can be the sole reason you stay alive while wandering about in the wild. Apart from giving you more mobility, they allow you to position yourself tactically so you can pick off enemies from afar, including players. This is why you need to manage your horse’s stamina as best as possible. If you get jumped by a group of killers, you’ll want to have that extra boost to get some distance between you and them.


TOP 5 Mortal Online 2 Tips for Surviving PvP Ganks


On that note, make sure you get a good horse. Desert horses are considered some of the best in the game. They have well-balanced stats that make them great for outpacing enemies.



Pick Your Battles Wisely

In Mortal Online 2, you’ve got to face a simple fact; you won’t win every battle. There’ll always be a time to fight and a time to flee. When it comes to PvP, you’ll likely need to run more than you stand your ground. Enemy players tend to keep themselves organized, meaning you’ll usually be outnumbered. Unless you’ve built your character for ranged combat, even 2v1 won’t be in your favor.


TOP 5 Mortal Online 2 Tips for Surviving PvP Ganks


Whether you’re getting ambushed, caught off-guard while inspecting your inventory, or simply came face-to-face with a few killers, assess the situation you’re in and choose the option that ensures you won’t be the one dropping their stuff.



Know Friend from Foe

As we mentioned, killers relish in the company of other killers. Bloodthirsty players will form guilds solely for the purpose of hunting down others like yourself. Knowing the names of these guilds and the players that are members is vital in keeping yourself alive longer in the wild. Whether you want to make a mental or paper list, it’s crucial to make a note of these groups so you can see them from afar when their nameplate appears and act accordingly.


TOP 5 Mortal Online 2 Tips for Surviving PvP Ganks


Conversely, you should do the same for friendly guilds and players. These are the players who will come to your aid should they see aggressive players attack you. Be helpful when you see them, and they’ll return the favor in kind.



Be Prepared to Restock

No matter how you slice it, sooner or later, you’re going to get ganked ultimately killed while exploring the world of Mortal Online 2. It’s a reality all players of this MMO have to accept. Of course, that means you’ll have to give up your hard-earned items and possessions. When that inevitably happens, you’ll need to be ready to restock your essentials.


TOP 5 Mortal Online 2 Tips for Surviving PvP Ganks


Make sure you build up enough savings to buy up anything you need to carry on playing after losing your life to a gank. Dying while exploring is frustrating enough. What’s worse is discovering you’ll need to start from square one because you didn’t have a fallback.


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