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Mortal Online 2: How to Build a Small House

Mortal Online 2: How to Build a Small House

First things first you gotta snag yourself a spot for your house… this part can be a real pain so keep your eyes peeled for the right place; Don’t just plop it down anywhere -> location is key…



Gather Your Stuff

You’re gonna need:


  • 4 stacks of granum (that’s your rock-solid base)


  • 5.5 stacks of wood (for all that framing & stuff)


  • Half a stack of metal (you know, for the sturdy bits)


  • A few pickaxes (because, duh, you’re gonna be choppin’ & diggin’)


Vendor Hunt: Head to Tindrem where you’ll find a house vendor, keep vendor, decoration vendor, and workbench vendor.


Workbench & Chests: Snag a couple of workbenches in Tindrem and maybe a simple chest. Guild chests are for keeps only, so keep that in mind. Also, buzz is there’s an access chest coming soon, letting guildmates use chests in your house – stay tuned for that!



Safe Travels, Dude

Okay, so you’ve got your materials & your deed, which costs like 150 gold at the house vendor, right? Now, don’t just waltz out of town with all your gear on display. Plan a sneakier route & avoid those busy roads. Maybe take the scenic route through nowhere land??



Blueprint Time!

Got your spot? Sweet. Now whip out that blueprint & right-click to place it. But hey, it’s not always a walk in the park – this game can be fussy about where it lets you build.



Build It Up, Buttercup

Start building with whatever you’ve got. The goal here is to beef up your house’s HP so it’s not just sitting there like a sitting duck for some large guild to come & knock over.



The Runaround

You might need to make a few trips for all your materials. Bring a bit of everything first, build up some HP, then head back for more. If you feel adventurous, gather some materials nearby – less risk & kinda fun…



House HP – Keep It Safe!

Once your house is lookin’ sturdy with a decent amount of HP, you can relax a bit… but only a bit. If some enemy guild spots your house lookin’ weak, they might just decide it’s demo day.



The Lowdown on Furniture & Storage

You can deck out your place with furniture from dungeons or bandits, but the best stuff? That’s in the excess chests. And for the love of storage, use those access chests for extra space.



What’s the Password??

This part’s crucial – set up a password for your house. And no, don’t go sharing it around unless you want your stuff to pull a Houdini.



Territory Control & Upkeep

Keep in mind territory control can change things up. And the upkeep costs?? Yeah they can sneak up on you, especially if you upgrade your house or add extras like a priest or stable…



Thinkin’ Bigger?

If a small house ain’t cutting it -> you can always upgrade to a medium or even a big ol’ house. But remember, more space = more $$.



Plan for the Long Haul

Upkeep costs go up with each upgrade, so keep an eye on that. When it’s time to start building, just slide your materials into the window and watch those resource bars fill up.



Misc. Tips

  • You can cover your windows with bookshelves for privacy and even shoot outside from inside. Handy if there’s a horse lurking about.


  • Tier 2 & 3 Upgrades: Upgrading is pretty much the same drill as building the first tier. Just clip the upgrade to your house, fill it with materials, and get to work.


  • Endgame Look: Once upgraded to tier 3, your house is pretty much a fortress. It takes ages for anyone to do serious damage to it…


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