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Mortal Online 2: Ultimate Guide to Character Builds & Attribute Effects

Mortal Online 2: Ultimate Guide to Character Builds & Attribute Effects

Character creation is an essential aspect of any MMORPG, and it influences your every action, especially in Mortal Online 2. Thanks to the hyper-realistic nature of the game, even the food you eat are determined by your class. You can even adjust the height and weight of your character to better support the class.


Knowing your character’s strengths and weaknesses will help you level up efficiently and explore endgame content with relative ease. In this guide, you’ll learn about the races, where they specialize in and finally, how to build your character as you level up in the game. You can also check out our other Mortal Online 2 guides here.



Character Builds in Mortal Online 2

Character Creator

  • You’ll have 25 Attribute Points at the beginning that you can distribute among the seven core stats: Age, Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Psyche, and Size.


  • You can change the character’s age, height, bloodline, and even weight, so each one is different. Because of the immensely intricate character creator, no two characters in Mortal Online 2 are identical.


  • Humans are an all-rounder clade. They specialize in a little of everything but master of none.


  • Alvarins are faster and start out with a high intelligence cap. Pick them if you want to become an archer or a mage.


  • Oghmirs are similar to tanks. They start out with a high constitution rating. Pick them if you want to specialize in crafting and extraction or if you want to become a melee fighter.


  • Thursars are powerful warriors who can wield two weapons at once. They are one of Mortal Online 2’s best DPS clades.



Optimal Character Builds in Mortal Online 2

Although Mortal Online 2 has no defined classes, each character can be divided into distinct groups based on their goals. To help you focus your efforts, below is a list of optimal combinations, along with their strengths and weaknesses.


Note: Scroll through the table to see the strengths and weaknesses of each character build.


Character Builds Races Classes Links to Builds Strengths Weaknesses Difficulty
Oghmir Tank Footie Mid Melee Dmg/Very High Armor/Small-Hitbox, Low footspeed / Low Psyche Easy
Alvarin Fast Footie High foot Speed/ Small Hitbox/ Mid Psyche Low melee dmg Hard
Thursar High Damage Footie Mid Footspeed /High Armor/High Melee Damage Large hitbox / Low Psyche Easy
Human PsyFighter Mid Melee Dmg / High Psyche NoGroupClade / Low FootSpeed Easy
Alvarin Dex Mage High foot Speed / High Magic Low Armor Medium
Human Balanced Mage Mid Armor / High Magic / Self-Purify CladeGift Low foot Speed / NoGroupClade Medium
Human Human Hybrid Mid Footspeed/ Mid Melee Dmg / High Magic/ Mid Armor / NoGroupClade Hard
Human Heavy Paladin High Melee Dmg / High Magic LowFootspeed/NoMPS/NoGroupClade Hard
Alvarin Sheevra Hybrid High foot Speed / High Magic Low melee dmg / Light Armor Very Hard
Human Human Hybrid Bruiser High Melee Dmg/ Mid Magic LowFootspeed/MidArmor/NoGroupClade Hard
Mounted Oghmir Tank Mounted combat High Melee Dmg / Very High Armor Very Low Footspeed Medium
Human Tri-Bred AntiCavalry/HighMountedMagic/MountedArchery Low FootSpeed / Limited to Short-Bow Hard
Oghmir Mounted Archer Anti-Cavalry / Very High Armor Limited on Foot / Very Low Footspeed Easy
Thursar Main Footie with MA Solid Footie and MA/ High Armor Average Footspeed Easy



Attribute Effects on Character Builds

Each character is affected by three factors: Attributes, Weight, and Other effects. For instance, high intelligence equates to increased magic damage and high mana pool. Similarly, obese characters receive +20 INT to their stat, and finally, age affects your main attribute levels.


Mortal Online 2: Ultimate Guide to Character Builds & Attribute Effects


Here is a detailed list of all such effects and how they influence your character.


Strength: Damage Bonus, Stamina Pool, Armor, and Carry Weight Max Limits
Dexterity: Stamina Pool, Max Speed (in and out of combat, Jump Height, Weakspot chance)
Constitution: Health Pool, Stamina Pool, Armor and Carry Weight Max Limits
Intelligence: Magic Damage, Mana Pool
Psyche: Magic Resistance, Mana Pool



Body Types & Weight Effects on Character Builds

Bony: -30 STR, +5 DEX, -30 CON, +10 INT, -5 PSY (-13 to -18 Health)
Skinny: -20 STR, +10 DEX, -15 CON, +5 INT (-10 to -13 Health)
Underweight: -10 STR, +5 DEX. -5 CON, +5 PSY (-7 to -9 Health)
Lean: -5 STR, +5 DEX (-3 to -7 Health)
Default Weight: No Positive or Negative Effects (-3 to +3 Health)
Stout: +5 STR, -5 DEX (+4 to +11 Health)
Overweight: -10 DEX (+11 to +18 Health)
Fat: -5 STR,-15 DEX, -5 CON,+5 INT,+5 PSY (+18 to +25 Health)
Bulging: -15 STR, -20 DEX, -15 CON, +10 INT, +10 PSY (+26 to +34 Health)
Obese: -30 STR, -40 DEX, -30 CON, +20 INT, +20 PSY (+35 to +36 Health)



Misc. Effects on Character Builds

Height (1 point of Size = 2 cm in Character Creator) Effects your Damage Bonus, Carry Weight, and HitBox/Size of Character
Bloodlines Different Bloodline combinations will affect your max stats, Max Height, and the total pool of extra attribute points available.
Age Effects your Max Attribute Levels
Clade Gifts Clade gifts will affect your overall points by giving you free attribute points, higher max attribute levels, and Active/Passive Abilities based on race.



Parting thoughts

Mastering Mortal Online 2 isn’t easy because there are lots of moving pieces. A single stat is affected by multiple factors making it increasingly difficult to build your character. However, it’s not impossible, and hopefully, this guide helps you achieve your goal; if you’re having trouble, read out Mortal Online 2 beginner’s guide to get a head start.


And if you’ve come up with a uniquely powerful build, don’t forget to share it with the rest of the MGW community. Until next time. Happy Gaming!


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