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Mortal Online 2: Melee Fighter Guide: The Best Build for Close Combat

Mortal Online 2: Melee Fighter Guide: The Best Build for Close Combat

Melee fighters are the easiest combat-ready characters you can build in Mortal Online 2. They are frontline units specializing in melee combat and sustaining damage over a prolonged period. Most PvE and PvP parties usually have at least half of these fighters, making them one of the best classes to start with.


You’ll learn everything you need to know about melee fighters, including their strengths, weaknesses, skill requirements, clade gifts, and preferred weaponry, in this guide. So let’s get started.



Mortal Online 2 – How to build your melee fighter

  • Skillcap – High


  • Weapons – Any melee (Axe, hammer, polearm, spear)


  • Armor – Heavy


  • Main stats – Strength, Dexterity, Constitution


  • Pros – Strong sustained damage, best physical defense, and can parry attacks.


  • Cons – Vulnerable to any mounted fighters and no magic resistance or self-healing abilities.


  • Beat suited for – Tanks and DPS


Sex Male
Clade Thursar
GrandFather 1 Risar
GrandMother 1 Risar
GrandFather 2 Kallard
GrandMother 2 Kallard
Age 30
Height 216cm
Weight % 130% Stout
Weight 138kg
Strength 119(+8)(+5)/119
Dexterity 89(+3)(-5)/89
Constitution 117(+8)/117
Intelligence 10/74
Psyche 13(+3)/74
Attribute Pool 2/444
Damage Bonus 32%(+5)
Health 213(+5)
Stamina 378(+5)
Mana 23
Max Speed 279/333
Combat Speed 221/351



Mortal Online 2 – What skills do you need for a Melee fighter

  • Aggressive Stance


  • Anatomy (bandage healing)


  • Armor Training


  • Athletics


  • Balance (to avoid knockback and become more stable during fights)


  • Blocking


  • Combat Maneuvering


  • Combat Technique


  • Endurance


  • Heavy Armor Training


  • Melee Combat


  • Passive Regeneration


  • Survival (optional, based on places that you frequently visit)



Mortal Online 2 – What Clade Gifts do you need for a Melee fighter

  • Aggressive: +25 skill levels in the Aggressive Stance skill


  • Powerful: +3 Strength


  • Muscular: +3 Strength


  • Forceful: +2 Strength


  • Battle Cry: [Buff] A menacing battle cry that enrages you and boosts your Strength by 20 for a short period of time. During the effect, monsters and fauna perceive you as more dangerous.


  • Big-Boned: +1 Size +1 Damage Bonus


  • Massive: +1 Size +1 Damage Bonus


  • Thursar Warcry: [Buff] An empowering warcry that awakens the bloodlust in nearby allies, increasing their melee damage by 10%. The buff stacks up to 5 times on Thursars.


  • Striker: +3 Damage Bonus


  • Controlled Metabolism: You gain twice as much stamina reserves from eating.


  • Athlete: +3 Dexterity


  • Resolves: +3 Psyche


  • Styganthrope: Every 10 seconds, you gain 3.33 health, and the effect of passive regeneration is doubled, but you gain 35 percent less health from healing.


  • Staunch: Greatly reduce damage from poison.


  • Tenacious: +10 skill levels in all Endurance skills.


  • Stocky: +3 Constitution


  • Bulky: +3 Constitution


  • Thick Skin: +5 Max Health and +1 Constitution


  • Large Lungs: +5 Max Stamina and +1 Constitution


  • Adamant: [Buff] Passively reduces all incoming physical damage by 10% at the cost of a 10% increase in magic damage taken and a 10% reduction in magic healing received. This effect is reversed when activated.



Parting thoughts

The melee fighter is one of the game’s most versatile builds, capable of dealing massive amounts of damage while also defending themselves in dangerous situations. You can build the character in various ways; maybe lean a bit towards lifesteal if you don’t prefer bandages or more towards stamina regen if you do a lot of running. You could perhaps consider taming a horse to faster get around the vast world.


Mortal Online 2: Melee Fighter Guide: The Best Build for Close Combat


There’s a lot to discover, and we’d love to see your own custom melee fighter builds in the comments section. Don’t be concerned about getting stuck because we have numerous guides to assist you along the way.


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