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Mortal Online 2: A Complete Guide to Fishing

Mortal Online 2: A Complete Guide to Fishing

Mortal Online 2 follows other MMORPGs’ footsteps by including a fishing profession. Unlike other online games, though, the art of angling here is pretty hardcore. If you want to get good at making the big catches, we’ve put together this helpful fishing guide to give you a running start. You can also check out our other Mortal Online 2 guides here.



Tools of the Trade

Before venturing out to make a big catch, you need the right tools for the job. Mortal Online 2 is a highly detailed game that takes realism seriously, including fishing. This means you’ll need a few components. First of all, you’ll need to buy a fishing rod which can come in a variety of levels of sturdiness. Pick something appropriate for the kind of catches you want to make.


You’ll also need to buy lines and hooks. Like with the rod, these components also come in different sizes that play a role in the kinds of fish you catch the chances you have of reeling them.


Mortal Online 2: A Complete Guide to Fishing


Finally, you’ll need bait. A lot of different items can be used as bait in Mortal Online 2, including coins. Again, the bait you use will affect the fish you attract and catch. What you use as bait will require a fair bit of experimentation on your part. Try a bunch of materials you have lying around and see what results you get.



Your Fishing Skill

Like with every profession in Mortal Online 2, you need to invest a fair amount of points to be good at fishing. That doesn’t mean you can’t fish at level 1, though. If you’re just getting your feet wet to see if angling is for you, then you can pick up some essential gear, head out to the nearest waterfront, and enjoy the peace and tranquillity.


If you’re looking to turn fishing into serious business, then adding skill points has several significant benefits:


  • Improved line casting range


  • Lowered chance of your line getting tangled


  • Improved chance of attracting fish


  • Longer time to respond to bites


If, at the end of the day, you’d rather just fish casually, then don’t bother spending points in fishing at all as it won’t yield you much benefit.



Setting Up Your Fishing Gear

So, you’ve picked up your gear and bait, ready to cast away and see what you get. First, of course, find yourself a waterfront that tickles your fancy. It can be the ocean, a lake, a river, or even a small pond. Any place that has water will have something you can potentially catch. One thing to bear in mind is that while you’re fishing, you’ll be pretty vulnerable, so make sure there aren’t many other players around.


Mortal Online 2: A Complete Guide to Fishing


Once you’ve found your ideal spot, equip your fishing rod the same way you would equip your weapon. After that, you need to draw it out, again the same as your weapons. A small tidbit is that you can’t attack with a fishing rod, nor can you block.


Once you have your fishing rod out, you’ll get a new interface with a casting range slider and three boxes. Add your line, hook, and bait into each box. Note that you can stack multiples of each, but it’s not advised that you do so. If your line or rod breaks, you lose everything added in those boxes.



What Influences the Fish You Encounter

Mortal Online 2 has a lot of sea creatures you can catch. There are so many of them of varying rarities that it’s possible you may never find them all. This is because of the absurd number of elements that influence what fish and creatures your encounter when you cast your line:


  • Location


  • Weather


  • Time


  • Water type (e.g. saltwater, sweetwater, cave, etc.)


  • Hook size


  • Depth


  • Bait


  • Skill



The Art of Fishing in Mortal Online 2

Now that you’ve got all of your gear in order, it’s time to cast. Move the range slider to the depth you want to target, then cast your line. How far you send it will require a fair amount of trial and error as it depends on the location where you’re fishing.


Once you’ve let your line fly and it hits the water, the waiting game begins. Sometimes fish nibble at your bait a few seconds later, while others it may take a few minutes. Be sure to take in the scenery and calm while still paying attention to your line.


Once a bite happens, start reeling your fish in but keep an eye on your rod. If the fish is pulling hard, your rod will bend accordingly. If it’s bending too much, you need to stop and give the fish some line. If you don’t stop at some point, the line will snap, or your rod will break. Once the fish has eased up, start reeling again and continue the same process. How long it will take to catch the fish will depend on how far you cast your line.


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