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Mortal Online 2: Ultimate Guide to Cooking

Mortal Online 2: Ultimate Guide to Cooking

Forget everything you’ve learned about cooking from video games, because Mortal Online 2 takes it to new heights. Cooking in MO2 isn’t as simple as tossing a few ingredients into a cauldron and pressing the ‘Cook’ button. Much like cooking in real life, you’ll have to add precisely measured ingredients.


Like every other in-game skill, mastering cooking can also be overwhelming, especially to new players. But fret not because you will learn everything there is to know about the skill in this very guide. You can also check out our other Mortal Online 2 guides here.



Must-have skills needed for cooking

  • Material Lore – You’ll need the material lore of the resources you intend to extract.


  • The most valuable skills you’ll probably need are Animal Materials and Botany.


  • Finally, you’ll need to learn the Cooking Lore.


  • Advanced Cooking enables you to use seven additional ingredients during cooking while increasing the overall quality of the dishes.


  • Finally, go to Crafting Appliances>Cooking Tools to learn how to use all cooking appliances.


  • Cooking Tools contain Baking Stone, Cooking Pot, and Spit.


  • Advanced Cooking Tools contain Fermentation Jar, Baking Pot, Smoke Box, and Steam Pot.


  • You’ll also need the Herbologium table to experiment with botanical substances.


  • You’ll need to learn Herbalism and Milling under the Extraction skill tree to cook flour and bread.



Getting started

  • You will need to buy the necessary cooking utensils from the Cooking Vendor and cooking ingredients from the Grocery Vendor.


  • You’ll need to use Blast Furnace, but not in a way you’re imagining right now. Note that you won’t be able to do this unless you’ve learned the cooking skill.


  • Once you’ve learned the skill, press the cooking shortcut to open the new cooking window.


  • You’ll need to place the utensil (baking stone, cooking pot, etc.) first into the top slot, followed by the ingredients in the lower sots.


Please note that you can also use the cooking tools over a campfire.


  • The goal is to master effective cooking where the food restores your reserves without going over the max limit. Any excess HP or MP you gain past the max limit converts to weight gain.



Cooking pot guide – How to cook using it?

  • You’ll create a fried item if there isn’t any liquid or oil base in the cooking pot.


  • Upon adding a liquid base:


<25% there is a chance to make a stew


26-50% chance to cook a boiled dish


51-90% chance to make a soup


>90% chance to make a decoction


  • Upon adding an oil base:


-You can add ~44% Fat make deep-fried food.


-You can add 44-79% Fat, 21-56% Flour, and use <=35% fillers to create Battered and Deep-fried chicken nuggets.


  • Flour is yet another common compound used in cooking, and it should be added in the following proportions: Liquid Base 25-75%, Flour Base 25-75%, and Fillers <50%. By maintaining a 1:1 ratio of the flour and liquid bases, you get to cook dumplings.


Changing the water ratio turns the dumplings into a soup stew into a boiled dish.



Baking stone guide – How to cook with it?

  • The Baking stone is used to produce baked products such as bread. To do so, you’ll need:


40% Flour base


20% liquid or oil base


<=40% Fillers


Based on the fillers used, you can produce different quality breads.



Steam pot guide – How to cook with it?

  • All you need to do is include a minimum of 31% Liquid base to add a steamed prefix to the resulting food item.



Baking pot guide – How to cook with it?

  • You can use the baking pot for baking stuff and creating pies, and all you need is flour, an oil base, and a filler.


  • No specific measurements are needed; feel free to experiment with the proportions.



Smoke box guide – How to cook with it?

  • The only cooking apparatus that requires wood or coal as fuel.


  • You’ll need at least 11% fuel and a maximum of 5% liquid base to smoke something.


  • Whitewood is known to have healing properties, so food smoked with it restores HP.


  • Experiment with different food items to discover new and unique interactions.



Fermentation Jar guide – How to use it?

  • You can make beer in the game using the Fermentation jar, which requires at least 31% Liquid base.


  • Beer recipe:


60-80% liquid base


20-40% Flour base


The rest is Filler



Turn Spit – How to cook with it?

  • The only barbeque utensil available in-game.


  • Uses up to 5% Liquid base.


  • It can also use a fuel source for cooking food. For instance, you can use 11% wood (minimum) in a barbeque.



Food examples

  • Cooking food is an art similar to alchemy in terms of difficulty.


  • Best im-game foods include Roasted Spelt, Roasted Ambrosial Pig, and Fermented Cream & Ichor.


  • Food used for resurrection, PvP battles, massive siege wars:


-Pot Baked White Cavolo with Pig, Red Jambura Juice, and Salt


-Boiled Rye Dumplings with Cream and Pig


  • Food used for exploration:


-Malus Juice Dumpling Soup with Rye and Salt


-Pot Baked Yellow Cepa with Allium, Pig, Red Jambura Juice, and Salt


-Roasted Jambura Juice


  • Class-specific foods:


  1. Foot Fighters that burn through stamina – Spelt Pie with Brown Shorekelp Oil


  1. Mage Hybrids – Dapplewood Smoked White Cavolo with Boar Salt and Pig


  1. Mounted Fat Mage – Dapplewood Smoked Pig with Boar Salt and Molarium.


Read more about combat and magic in our Mortal Online 2 magic and spellcasting guide and combat fundamentals.


  • Here are the food rankings based on health nourishment values (from best to worst):


1) Ambrosial

2) Exquisite

3) Luscious

4) Salutary

5) Scrumptious

6) Mouth Watering

7) Delicate

8) Appetizing

9) Delectable

10) Appealing

11) Enjoyable

12) Sapid

13) Savory

14) Piquant

15) Tempting

16) Inviting

17) Experimental

18) Esculent

19) Digestible

20) Unfamiliar

21) Eccentric

22) Strange

23) Creepy

24) Uncanny

25) Abominable

26) Gruesome

27) Repugnant

28) Appalling

29) Horrific

30) Nauseating

31) Ghastly

32) Abhorrent

33) Disgusting

34) Vile

35) Inedible



Miscellaneous tips

  • When your reserve pools fall below 25% of their max value, you suffer from debuffs. Not only does it slows down your regen abilities, but it also reduces the max usable mana, stamina, and health.


  • Cooking helps you create potent food items that either heal you directly or overtime, thereby boosting your durability. Equipped with high-quality food, you can outlive your opponents in battles.


  • You can find some Rye fields at the Pig Farm.


  • If you want to make foud using Rye, you’ll need the milling skill and the Grinder to do it.


  • The Grinder yields the following items when processed:


Rye > Rye Flour


Oat > Oat Flour


Rice > Rice Flour


Spelt > Spelt Flour


Corn > Corn Flour


Karoton > Karoton Juice


Wolf Peach > Wolf Peach Juice


  • You can even extract cookable resources from different herbs using the Herbologium skill:


Sew Dew > Sew Dew Leaves


Phasel Bean > Phasel Extract


Common Reedmace > Reedmace Shoots


Gamun > Gamun Seed


Salvia > Salvia Carpels


Horn Pepper > Horn pepper Seed


  • Finally, you can use the Press to get the following ingredients:


Common Vitus > Vitus Juice


Red/Green Jambura > Red/Green Jambura Juice


Maus > Maus Juice


Pirum > Pirum Juice


Elaiva > Elaiva Oil


Palm Fruit > Palm Oil


Horn Pepper Seed > Horn Pepper Oil


Salvia Carpels > Salvia Oil


Gamun Seed > Gamun Oil


Brown Shore Kelp > Brown Shore Kelp Oil


Corn > Corn Oil


  • Nourishment values (Health, Stamina, and Mana generation) chart for Mortal Online 2:


Food Health Stamina Mana
Basic 4.05 19.11 40.50
Without tools 15.55 52.42 51.84
Cooking pot 16.52 52.42 58.32
Baking Pot 17.50 58.97 45.36
Steam Pot 19.44 65.55 58.32
Fermentation Jar 16.52 55.69 64.80
Springbok Meat 2.70 2.94 9.00
Without tools 7.26 5.64 8.57
Cooking Pot 9.48 4.66 5.54
Baking Pot 8.98 6.99 7.76
Turnspit 8.98 6.60 7.79
Water 11.06 27.08 0 (0.20 Poison)
Without tools 30.32 34.66 0 (0.15 Poison)
Cooking Pot 30.32 38.99 0 (0.07 Poison)
Basic 0.95 38.65 18.96
Without tools 3.64 106.00 25.79
Cooking Pot 4.76 87.45 16.68



Why are food values averaged down rather than multiplied?

Cooking Appliances and Ingredients are the two factors that determine the nutritional value of food in Mortal Online 2. While each ingredient recovers a specific nutrient value (vegetables affect stamina regen), the cooking utensils determine how much of that value can be changed.


The Fermentation Jar, for example, is primarily used to create ‘mana foods,’ whereas the Turnspit is used principally to create ‘stamina foods.’ So, even if you’re using ingredients that affect mana/stamina regen, the cooking appliances determine their effectiveness/potency.


Here, the game logic dictates that each ingredient will dilute the other when combined to create dishes. As a result, you get an average output instead of a multiplicative increase in nourishment values, which is perfectly reasonable. Players will have to measure each ingredient individually in order to find the best possible combination with the highest return. This allows for more experimentation while also adding to the realism and roleplaying that MO2 aims for.



Parting thoughts

This is a lot of information to process at once, so take your time and try to grasp each concept before moving on to the next section. The possibilities are limitless, especially given the 35 levels of perfection (Ambrosial…Inedible). If you’re still having issues, you can find more information in our Mortal Online 2 beginner’s guide. Take care until the next time.


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