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Mortal Online 2: Taming and Domestication Guide

Mortal Online 2 Taming and Domestication Guide

Taming and Domestication are some of the most important skills to master in Mortal Online 2. A higher taming skill correlates to better control over nearby animals, which is crucial because you can raise them for various purposes, such as medicine, food, and more. These are essential skills in the long run, and this guide outlines the basics of Taming and Domestication to help you out in your Mortal Online 2 Journey. You can also check out our other Mortal Online 2 guides here.



Taming and Domestication Guide – Creature Control Points and Zoology Lore:

  • You need Creature Control Points for taming; however, you can reduce the overall points required by raising your Zoology Lore. Higher Lore means you need fewer control points to tame a creature.


  • Increase your Zoology Rating if you want to train larger animals.


  • You can tame large animals like cougars and bears if you already have knowledge in Zoology Lore, along with additional skills such as Horde.


Mortal Online 2 Taming and Domestication Guide


  • Hunting specific creatures is different, as you’ll need to increase your knowledge in that particular creature’s lore to tame it and bypass the requirement for control points entirely.


  • You can also learn the taming skill from a book if you can find the Zoologist Librarian.


  • Skinning and cooking the animals is also a viable way of increasing your skills.


  • The Zoology Skill tree is highly beneficial as it lists the primary skill and sub-category for each animal.



Everything you need to know about Domestication

Animal Care

  • Even if you do nothing, tamed pets and mounts grow older and gain levels.


  • Pets also level up if you go hunting, transport items, or engage in PvE activities.


Mortal Online 2 Taming and Domestication Guide


  • The Animal Care skill decreases the time required for your pets to level up.


  • Most Beastmaster and Fighters usually get their pets from friends or train them in stables. They do not require the Animal Care skill to level up their pets. However, stable trained pets are unable to reach high levels.



Beast Influence and Beast Mastery

  • Beastmasters can command pets to attack enemies.


  • The pet stops attacking the individual after some time, and if you are too far away, it’ll stop attacking immediately.


  • Beast Influence increases the range of your commands and the overall aggro range of pets.


  • Beast Mastery players have more powerful pets compared to regular ones. For example, if you have Beast Mastery and a level 25 Wolf. It could have two attacks: Strike (65) and Charge (80-90). Contrarily, pets without Beast Mastery owners may only have one attack, namely Strike (65).


  • Accumulate Creature Control Points with the Horde skill, as it will allow you to control more animals in-game.


  • Herding is an essential skill for Beast Masters, as it reduces the Creature Control Points needed to tame creatures in-game. If you’re managing two or more animals simultaneously, the skill reduces the point cost by a significant margin.


  • Inspect is one of the most useful skills to use in-game. Just as the name suggests, it allows you to know the level of the specific animal before you attempt to tame them.


  • The Taming skill determines the success rate of taming specific animals; the higher, the better.



Dominate Animals

  • Dominating the animals is nearly the same as taming them, but with a significant difference; you cannot trade them. However dominated animals can only be traded face-to-face and not over the stable.


  • You cannot breed dominated animals.


  • To dominate animals, you also have to be a Mage, Beastmaster, or a similar class.



Taming and Care

  • If you are looking for an easy way to tame animals, weaken them to nearly 0 HP and use Tame on them.


  • You have to feed your animals fresh meat and vegetables and take care of them.


  • Keep in mind there are poisonous fruits in the game, like the mushrooms and other dangerous items…


  • Feeding your animals poisonous objects can kill them.


  • You can also heal your pet/mount with healing spells such as Veterinary, or simply by sitting on them; they will automatically regain their health…


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