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Complete Guide to Coromon: Tips, Tricks & Frequently Asked Questions

Complete Guide to Coromon: Tips, Tricks & Frequently Asked Questions

Coromon is an exciting title, a breath of fresh air in a world filled with stale game concepts. The monster designs are unique, and together with a completing story, the in-game mechanics create a fun-filled yet challenging playing experience. They even have a nuzlocke (a much harder difficulty setting for veteran players) mode built-in, which saves you the trouble of having to mod the game.


With our comprehensive list of tips, tricks, and frequently asked questions, you can become a part of this thriving community. Some names mentioned here do not appear until later in the game, so be warned. We hope you enjoy this guide and check back for more in the future. 



How to get the Perfect starter?

  • Just before selecting the starter coromons, save the game.


  • Keep exiting and loading the save file until you get a perfect starter. You can repeat this process an infinite number of times.



What’s the chance of encountering a potent Coromon with the Potent musk?

There is a 1/10 chance of encountering a Common Potent pokemon in a Potent Musk, and the probability decreases as the rarity increases.



What’s the chance of encountering Standard, common, and Potent Coromon without scent?

The chance of encountering a Standard Coromon is 97.09%. Chances for a Potent is 2.88%, and for Perfects, it’s 0.03%.


Coromon – Ultimate Guide to Mushrooms & Gardening



Can Potentiflator 19 Coromon become Potentiflator 21?

Even a Potentiflator 13 can turn into a Potentiflator 21, but the odds aren’t worth it. It’s preferable to seek out level 20 Coromons and then Potentiflator them for a 100% Perfect.


Use a Potent Scent and save the file before you start catching Coromons. Now keep reloading the game unless you get a Perfect or one with a Potential Value of 20. It’s a bit of a grind but it is the best way to build the perfect team for PvPs.



What is the chance of raising a Coromon’s Potential from 19 to 21? Is it worth it?

The chances of raising Potential from 19 to 21 are 1/50 or 60/3194. And it’s not worth it.



How to farm potent scents? Is it easy?

You can obtain Potent Scents from various quests. Here is the recipe if you want an endless supply. 


Potent Scent recipe = (3 x Ber Fruit) + (3 x Cham Fruit) + (10 X Sweetshroom) + (15 x Fungus) + (15 x Zenshroom)



How to find Redeem Code options in settings?

Hold down the settings button instead of clicking it for the Redeem Code option.



Can you use the controller?

Yes. Make sure the Controller type is enabled and calibrated in the settings.



How to know what moves Coromon will learn in advance?

  • Click on the Coromon and choose Summary.


  • Navigate to the Moves tab and select one of your unlocked moves.


  • Now you can scroll through the list to see all of your Coromon’s moves.


  • The names of the locked moves are hidden, but you can see whether they’re Physical, Status or Special (Foul, Cut) moves, as well as their type (Ice, Normal).



What are flash moves?

  • Extra moves that you can teach to specific Coromons are known as flash moves.


  • You can only use them once. The Flash module is consumed once a Coromon learns the move.


  • You can enable/disable Flash moves like any other moves of the Coromon.


  • It’s best to save Flash modules for late-game PvP to cover your Coromon’s weaknesses with counter-attack options.



How to find Starter Coromons?

Complete Guide to Coromon: Tips, Tricks & Frequently Asked Questions

Complete Guide to Coromon: Tips, Tricks & Frequently Asked Questions

Complete Guide to Coromon: Tips, Tricks & Frequently Asked Questions


You can find Toruga at Mount Muspel, Cubzero at Fresia Pass, and Nibblegar in the Submerged Tunnels. These are the three final locations and won’t be accessible at the beginning. Here is our Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Coromon to help you kickstart your journey.


Coromon: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide – Tips & Tricks



Which is the best Starter Coromon?

Cubzero is possibly the best starter since it has a uniform stat spread. Also, Air, Poison, Ice, and Water are not very effective. However, we suggest starting with Nibblegar since it is resistant to fire and water (which are elements of two of the last bosses in the game).


We recommend catching a Magmilus for the ice stage. It’s perfect because it has a high Special Defense (most ice skills are special), and his Heat Beam skill can one-shot nearly any ice type coromon.



How to earn end-game gold?

The best way you can earn gold is by defeating Jochem and Marcel on the campus at Lux Solis after you have completed the game (gathered the last titan essence). You can also earn extra gold by having a coromon with the snatch or robber (or both) skill in your squad. You can even give them the Gold Lump item for extra gold.



What stat distribution should I use for Cubzero?

  • You could upgrade Attack and HP because Cub’s Stoic ability helps with Defense and Special Defense. So a lot of HP would make it beefier, boosting its survivability. 


  • Upgrade your physical attack, and if you need a physical water move, you could get splatter from the spa.



What difficulty should I play?

You can choose any difficulty level you prefer. If you haven’t played Coromon (or similar games like Pokemon or Temtem) before and want to enjoy the game, we recommend Easy/Normal. Try the Hard/Insane modes if you’ve played before and want a new challenge.



What is the best way to grind XP?

  • Unlock both Lazy Gems and the Sloth gem and attach them to your coromons (ones you wanna level).


  • Now attach the Smart Gem to your lead coromon (over-level it a bit so it can one-shot others). 


  • Start fighting and avoid weaker coromons in the wild by running away. Save your XP chips until you’ve reached Ixqun since it has the highest level of coromons in the game.



Should I put a potent Moffel on my team or find a better coromon?

Moffel is a decent Coromon, and a potent one will gain more potential levels. If you want to prepare for PVP, keep the Moffel since it has ‘foul’ moves, which are strong against water-type coromons, that have an advantage over Moffel.



Will unused potential points transfer when the coromon evolves?

Potential points carry forward even after evolution so that you can save them until later. 



What is the difference between normal and potent coromon?

Potent coromons are stronger. Basically, they have more EVs (if you play pokemon) than normal coromons. EVs are equivalent to Potential values (PV). There are two progress bars on every Coromon: one for normal levels and the other for potential levels.


You get three points when you reach a PV threshold, which you can use to improve your Coromon’s stats. Unlike other games, it is not randomized, giving you more control over your coromons. The rate at which the potential XP bar fills up is the main difference between Standard, Potent, and Perfect. The fastest are Perfects, while the slowest are Standards.



Are dark magic type coromons allowed in PVP?

No, dark magic type coromons are not allowed in PvP. However, you can change a coromon from dark magic type to the Coromon’s original typing by putting it through the Potentiflator.


Complete Guide to Coromon: Tips, Tricks & Frequently Asked Questions


However, the Dark type is quite unique. Dark moves have normal effectiveness against all types and all moves are not very effective against dark type coromons. It has potential and may be included in PvP in a future update. We suggest you keep collecting them (at least the potent/perfect ones) until the developers announce any changes.



Can I customize my PvP profile?

  • Yes, you can customize your PvP profile. Go to PvP move and select Style. 


  • Here, you can change your avatar name, image, background music, arena preference, and taunts.



How to get a golden gauntlet?

Complete Guide to Coromon: Tips, Tricks & Frequently Asked Questions


Hit 100 in the R&D lab machine.



Can you change the order of moves?

No, you cannot alter the move order of any Coromon.


Coromon: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide – Tips & Tricks


Coromon – Ultimate Guide to Mushrooms & Gardening


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