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Coromon: Ultimate PvP Guide – PvP Tier List to Make you a Pro Trainer

Coromon: Ultimate PvP Guide - PvP Tier List to Make you a Pro Trainer

Coromon’s PvP system is still in its early stages of development. Some moves are regarded as overpowered, while others are simply useless. Every day, players discover new squad combinations, and it will take some time for a proper meta to emerge in the competitive scene. Nonetheless, a few squad combinations have consistently performed well and won games. We’ll go over the best PvP Coromons in the game, as well as the best traits, items, and skill sets, in this guide.


We also have a number of Coromon guides to help you improve as a player. If you’re interested in hunting perfects and learning more about the game, give them a read. 



PvP Tier list for Coromon

Coromon: Ultimate PvP Guide - PvP Tier List to Make you a Pro Trainer



Tier Name Reason
S – Excellent Lumasect, Eclyptor, Atlantern, Glamoth, Humbee, Kyraptor, Megalobite, Malavite, Octotle, Rhynobuz, Serpike, Toravolt, Bearealis, Cyberite.  Best in the game and a must-have in every team comp. Aim for a Perfect or at least a Potent because most of the PvP players have one.*
A – Very Good Krybeest, Skelatops, Arcturos, Magmilus, Grimmask, Armadon, Ucaclaw, Volcadon, Swampa, Chonktoad, Gelaquad. Viable alternatives and can easily replace S tiers Coromons. However, they mostly lack speed but make up for it with the ability to soak up damage.
B – Good Millidont, Purrghast, Magnamire, Golbeak, Daricara, Dugterra, Deecie, Blizzian, Infinix, Vulbrute. Tech options that are useful to catch your opponent off-guard. Best for 6v6 battles since 3v3 is very fast-paced.
C – Decent Orotchy, Mudma, Blazitur, Caradune, Ashclops, Hountrion. Not viable for PvP, but you can try to make them work as they have interesting traits making them somewhat useful in battles.
F – Bad Sandril. Not at all viable and there are way better alternatives.


* Read our guide on how to catch Perfect Coromons and build the ultimate PvP team today.


How to Catch Perfect Coromon in Coromon



What is the Coromon meta, and how should you prepare your team?

  • The meta in Coromon relies on speed, type effectiveness, and a bit of RNG.


  • High-speed Coromons are almost always superior even if they are at a type disadvantage. If the opponent has low health, you can easily take them out with Normal skills and clutch a victory.


  • You must form a 6v6 team, but the ranked mode only allows for 3v3 matches. As a result, it’s best to keep one Coromon of each type with skills that counteract their weaknesses. Bearalis, for example, is vulnerable to fire moves, so keep the Splash Skill on him at all times in case you come up against a fire Coromon like Volcadon, Magmilus, or Blazitur.


  • In a ranked or custom 3v3 PvP game, you have one minute to choose three Coromons from a pool of six, and you can swap moves while in the selection menu.


  • Have your Coromon carry items or berries at all times, as they can one-shot opponents or assist your squad in a prolonged battle.



Best Coromon picks for PvP

  • Malavite – A Malavite is a high-defense Coromon and is quite easy to get. Combined with the Dry Wind trait, it can tank several shots while chipping away at the enemy team’s health. It can also use Transcending, a Normal-type move that always goes first and deals a lot of damage.


  • Eclyptor – Eclyptor is the game’s second-fastest Coromon, so it almost always attacks first. Although it has a decent skill set, you can teach him Ball of Darkness, a Flash skill. Eclyptor can literally one-shot almost any Coromon with low special defense using this Ghost move in combination with a Mais fruit (which increases the skill power of a Ghost-type attack).


  • Toravolt – Toravolt’s Power Talons is one of the most effective skills in the game. If your Toravolt manages to tank a few hits (which it can thanks to its high defense) it can sap the SP of at least two opponent Coromons forcing them to recover stamina while you’re free to attack them. Some people use Spark Disc instead, but the RNG nature of the skill is usually not worth it.


  • Krybeest – Keybeest is an excellent tank, especially if you equip it with the Snowman trait and a Revitalizer. It doesn’t have any water-type skills, but you can use the Splatter skill to counter fire-type Coromons.


  • Glamoth – Glamoth dominated the PvP arena in the beginning. It has fallen quite a bit thanks to better alternatives such as Eclyptor and Malavite, but it is still a viable pick on any PvP game. She is a glass cannon and pretty much any physical attack can put her down instantly. However, it can take down one or even two of your opponent’s coromon if you have built it for special attack and give a Ras fruit to boost ice-type moves.


  • Magmilus – Magmilus is a fire tank with access to Heat Beam, one of the best fire moves in the game. If there are no weather effects, it always connects with the enemy. Although the move takes one turn to charge up, Magmilus’s high special defense allows it to easily survive one round of punishment. If you don’t have a leveled-up Magmilus in your squad, Ashclops and Blazitur are also viable options.


  • Please keep in mind that almost any Coromon from any tier can be used in PvP battles. Although the higher-tier ones will help you win more consistently, there are a few honorable mentions that can also compete in online battles:


Ucaclaw, Armadon, Cyberite, Rhynobuz, Skelatops, Gelaquad, Chonktoad Grimmask, and Ashclops. 



Best Items for Coromon PvP

  • Revitalizer – Replinsehs the holder’s HP each turn. Perfect for high defense/special defense and high HP coromons.


Learn how to get Revitalisers and other useful holdable items in the game by reading our Coromon Community Tools guide.


3 Essential Apps & Tools for Coromon Players


  • Fruits – It all depends on your team. Fruits are best used to increase skill damage or to heal a coromon when it reaches a certain level of damage. The following is a list of all the fruits with the greatest impact:


Name Description
Juba Replenishes 50% HP when in danger.
Mull Restores 75% SP when close to exhaustion.
Canul Replenishes 70% HP when in danger, at the risk of getting a status ailment.
Sur Increases skill power of an electric type skill.
Ras Increases skill power of an ice type skill.
Pomo Increases skill power of a normal type skill.
Pix Increases skill power of a sand type skill.
Sopo Increases skill power of a water type skill.
Mais Increases skill power of a ghost-type skill.
Cado Prevents HP from falling below 1. 


Best Skills for Coromon PvP

  • Weather effects – Weather changes have a significant impact on PvP battles. Snowstorms, sandstorms, and rain are the most noticeable weather effects in the game, and they have direct effects on the battle. For Example, Having a squad member with weather traits like Dry Wind or Humidifier is a game-changer in PvP battles.


  • Status Effects (Debuffs/Buffs) – Status effects aren’t very useful in PvE, but they can be decisive in PvP battles. In battle, having attacks that apply sleep, poison, freeze, burn, and bleed effects is extremely useful. Here is a list of the most common attacks used in PvP battles:


Type Moves
Water Bubble Blower, Crystal barrage, Hydro Punch.
Ice Frost Feather, Ice Flurry, Avalanche, Glacier.
Electric Power Talons, Spark Disc, Sting, Volt Lick.
Poision Toxic Cloud, Poison Chomp, Acid Bite.
Sand Parched Jaws, Crumble, Stone Fist, Sand Devils.
Fire Firestorm, Balze Feathers, Heat Beam, Stampede.
Normal Transcending, Flying Kick, Face Slap, Feelers.
Ghost Ball of Darkness, Ball of Darkness, Phantom Spike, Hypno Wave.
Air Tempest, Mist.
Cut Deep Cut, Lacerate.
Magic Super Drain, Super Energy Drain, Health Link, Disable, Stat Copycat, Hocus-Pocus.
Foul Tricky Claws, Crunch, Scary Vision.
Heavy Headbash, Headcrash.


Best Traits for Coromon PvP

Tier Traits
S – Excellent Fully Rested, Menacing, Amplified, Clumsy Power, Hardheaded, Snowman, Reconstitution, Conserver, Wet Coat, Weatherproof, Polished Body, Prepared.
A – Very Good Motivated, Clean Retreat, Thick Skin, Comeback, Nimble, Heat Wave, Vigilant, Spiked Body, Zealous, Scrapper, Soothing Aura, Clear Skies, Cleanse, Soul Eater.
B – Good Overclocker, Strategist, Sharp Claws, Vaccinated, Molter, Steady, Vegetarian, Supersensory, Sticky Layer, Stoic, Heat Wave, Dirt Coat, Shiny, Antarctic, Fearless, Restless, Toxic Skin, Winter Coat. 
C – Decent Static Body, Lucky, Good Aim, Gravity Pull, Stinky, Caffeinated, Water Cooled, Pep Talk, Flare Intake, Gullible, Radiator, Afterburner, Accurate, Short Fused.
F – Bad Slippery, Twilight, Brave, Antidote, Inner Fire, Coward, Escapist, Cool Body,  Hoarder, Magnetic, Robber, Gourmand, Fast Learner, Rebirth, Anti-Fungal, Nurse.


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