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How to Make Gold Quickly in Coromon?

Gold is the only in-game currency, and there are numerous ways to spend it. Unless you’re a hoarder, you’ll likely run out of it most of the time. But don’t worry, because this guide will teach you how to earn over 400,000 gold per hour. Although it takes some time to set up, the end result is well worth the effort, and nothing beats a consistent and reliable gold supply.


We also have a number of Coromon guides to help you become a better player. If you’re interested in hunting perfects and learning more about the game, give them a read. 



Must-have items/skills for gold farming

  • Gold Lump – This item is unlocked at Milestone 29 and gives you extra gold after each battle. You can hand it over to one of your Coromon to keep.


How to Make Gold Quickly in Coromon?


  • Gold Magnet – This is another reward unlocked at Milestone 45. It is not an equippable item and is activated automatically when you collect it from the reward list. This magnet also grants you more gold at the end of each battle.


How to Make Gold Quickly in Coromon?


  • Magnet Hat The Magnet Hat is a cosmetic item that you can use to customize your character’s appearance. It also gives you more gold when you win a battle. To obtain the hat, you must give Joseph (an NPC on Donor Island) two Buzzlets of potential value 14 or higher as part of the Buzzlet Delivery quest.


How to Make Gold Quickly in Coromon?


  • Skill – Lastly, you will need a Coromon with the Coin Snatch skill and the Robber trait. You can have a different Coromon with the Robber trait since it isn’t required to participate in the battle.



What is the best way to farm gold using all these resources?

  • Marcel and Jochem appear on the campus once you have completed the game (defeated the final titan). Approach them at the Arena in the Lux Solis Campus and challenge them to a 3v3 battle. 


How to Make Gold Quickly in Coromon?


Note: They won’t appear until you’ve completed the game.


  • Jochem has Bearealis, Volcadon, and Megalobite, while Marcel has Eclyptor, Rhynobuz, and Skelatops. All of their Coromon begin at level 60 and level up by one stage as you keep winning.


The Corodex is an essential community tool that lists the skills and traits of every Coromon in the game.. Use the tool to create a perfect strategy and beat them.


The Arena is also a great place to farm XP for your perfect Coromons. If you haven’t caught any yet, we have a perfect Coromon catching guide to help you.


How to Catch Perfect Coromon in Coromon


  • Make sure you have a Coromon with the Coin Snatch skill while putting together a team. The only two Coromon with this skill are Dugterra and Golbeak, so start the battle with one of them.


Also, if you’re fighting Jochem, Dugterra is a good choice because of its high defense, which can easily tank a few shots from his Volcadon while also allowing you to use the Coin Snatch skill.


  • You can also use Golbeak, which has both the Rober trait and the Coin Snatch ability. 



The total amount of gold earned from each battle:

  • Here is the amount you earn from a single battle, assuming you have everything mentioned above.


  • ~15,000 Gold for winning each battle (multiply 15,000 by 1.5 if you have a Coromon with Robber trait).


  • ~4,500 X 3 with Coin Snatch skill. (You can ONLY use the skill thrice in combat, even if you have multiple Coromon with the same ability).


Total gold earned ~36,000 in a single battle (5 minutes) and over 400,000 Gold per hour with an optimal build.


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