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Coromon – Ultimate Guide to Mushrooms & Gardening

Coromon - Ultimate Guide to Mushrooms & Gardening

Coromon is distinguished from other games by a number of unique and well-balanced mechanics. Gardening may appear undervalued, but to a seasoned player, it’s an endless supply of one of the game’s most valuable items, the Potent Scent (which attracts higher potential Coromons to your location). It’s a must-have item for Perfect Coromon hunting.


In this guide, we’ll go over why gardening is important, how and when you can start collecting mushrooms and share some cool scent recipes to help you along the way. Read our other Coromon guides to learn more about the game and why a Perfect Coromon is better than a Standard Coromon.



What is Gardening in Coromon?

  • You can find Gardening in the ‘Key Items’ tab, and it contains an explanation of all the mushrooms along with the recipe book and pocket snips.


  • Mushrooms are important because they help you craft powerful scents. You only get a limited supply of scents as quest rewards and in silver and golden boxes.


  • However, with the mushrooms (and a few fruits), you can create scents whenever you want.


  • You will need the Pocket Snips to cut mushrooms and the Scent Recipe Book to find out the right ingredient for specific scents.



When do you get access to mushrooms?

  • On Donor Island, you must defeat the Electric Titan Voltgar and collect his essence in the Power Tower.


We also have a beginner’s guide to Coromon to help you prepare yourself for your first boss encounter.


Coromon: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide – Tips & Tricks


  • Return to Woodlow Harbor by boat and travel north to Soggy Swamp.


  • Here you will get the tools necessary to farm mushrooms and craft scents.



How many types of mushrooms are there in Coromon?

Coromon - Ultimate Guide to Mushrooms & Gardening


  • The following are the six types of mushrooms found in Coromon:


Mintshroom – Very fresh; use pungent scents to neutralize the overall smell.


Grimshroom – Rather bitter; 90% of Coromon hate it, while 10% love it.


Sweatshroom – Spicy; even one whiff will make you break out in a sweat.


Zenshroom – Extremely chill. It will lessen the strong side effects of some scents. 


Sweetshroom – Very sugary; be cautious if you have a weakness for sweets.


Fungus – Gross but extremely useful in making scents more pungent.



What are the scent recipes in Coromon? (with table)

  • You can craft a total of 11 scents in the game. Here is a table that lists all of them:


Scent Name Recipe
Stinky Scent 2 x (Duria Fruit) + 1 x (Sweatshroom)
Protein Scent 2 x (Ber Fruit) + 1 x (Zenshroom)
Fear Scent 2 x (Oki Fruit) + 1 x (Fungus)
Pepper Scent 2 x (Duria Fruit) + 1 x (Grimshroom)
Doom Scent 2 x (Oki Fruit) + 1 x (Grimshroom)
Foggy Scent 2 x (Gel Fruit) + 1 x (Zenshroom)
Frigid Scent 2 x (Juba Fruit) + 1 x (Mintsroom) + 1 x (Grimshroom)
Toxic Scent 1 x (Fik Fruit) + 1 x (Fungus)
Charged Scent 1 x (Cuco Fruit) + 1 x (Grimshroom)
Ether Scent 1 x (Gao Fruit) + 1 x (Sweetshroom)
Potent Scent 3 x (Ber Fruit) + 3 x (Cham Fruit) + 10 x (Sweetshroom) + 15 x (Zenshroom) + 15 x (Fungus)



How to get mushrooms in Coromon?

Coromon - Ultimate Guide to Mushrooms & Gardening


  • Go to Soggy Swamp and stand near the mushrooms.


  • They will start blinking once they have fully ripened.


  • You’ll have 10 seconds to pick them before they decompose.



How to make scents in Coromon?

Coromon - Ultimate Guide to Mushrooms & Gardening


  • Once you have farmed enough mushrooms and fruits, visit Aspho in Soggy Swamps. You can find her shop at the beginning as you are entering the swamp from Woodlow Harbor.


  • Talk to her, select a scent from the list and wait till she is done making it.


  • The ingredients will be removed, and the scent will automatically be added to your backpack.


  • You can only make one scent at a time.



Best mushroom spots in Soggy Swamp

  • During our playthrough, we discovered two spots in Soggy Swamp that granted access to most of the mushroom spawners without having to pass through the grass.


Coromon - Ultimate Guide to Mushrooms & Gardening


  • The first is located just to the north of Ashpo’s store. There are a lot of mushroom spawners in the area between Shirley (blue hair) and Grover (yellow hair)


Coromon - Ultimate Guide to Mushrooms & Gardening


  • The next Soggy Swamp tileset is the second-best place for mushroom farming. Continue east once you’ve entered this map until you see Alan (brown hair) on an island connected by two bridges. Go further east to get to this spot.



Tips and tricks

  • Always have plenty of fruit and mushrooms on hand.


  • Make it a goal to farm at least 10-20 mushrooms every time you start playing. It makes no difference what they are; just keep picking.


  • For fruits, always make sure to plant the seed that you want. Otherwise, random plants will start growing from the pots.


  • It takes a while for them to ripen fully, so we suggest you plant specific seeds in as many flowering pots as you can, even before you reach the end game.


  • We have more tips and tricks in store for you, along with the answers to some of the frequently asked questions within the community.


Complete Guide to Coromon: Tips, Tricks & Frequently Asked Questions


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