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3 Essential Apps & Tools for Coromon Players

3 Essential Apps & Tools for Coromon Players

The Coromon community has created useful tools to help both newbies and veterans find their way through the game. Whether you’re a new player learning the ropes or a veteran trying to figure out the perfect skill set, you will find this guide useful. Each tool has a distinct purpose, which this guide explains in detail, including what they are and how to use them.


You can also read our other Coromon guides to help you improve in the game. Without further ado, let’s get started!



A brief overview of all Coromon Community Tools

Tool Name & Creator Function Target Playerbase
Potential Level Calculator by Romsh To find out the Potential Value (before you get the Potential Reader).  Beginners
Damage Calculator by SrRojo To find out the total damage output of one Coromon over another. Advanced Players
Coromon Tracker by TheConcepteur All-rounder tool that lists every coromon, skill, trait, and item. Both Beginners and Advanced players.



The Potential Level Calculator in detail

3 Essential Apps & Tools for Coromon Players


  • You’ll get the Potential Reader when you start the Buzzlet delivery quest in Donor Island. Until then, you can use the Potential Calculator to figure out the Potential Level of any coromon you catch, which is especially helpful for players who have yet to unlock the Potential Reader.


  • You can use it to find out the Potential value of your starter Coromon and assemble a strong team right from the get-go.


  • Simply enter the Current XP of the Coromon in question and the XP required to reach the next stage. 


  • Click on calculate to find out its potential value.



The Damage Calculator explained

3 Essential Apps & Tools for Coromon Players


  • The Damage Calculator is yet another essential tool that tells you exactly how much damage one Coromon can inflict on another.


  • You begin by typing the Coromon’s name, followed by its type and level (the default is set at level 50).


  • Coromons with different Potential Values have different stats, so enter the attacker’s HP, SP, Attack, Defense, Sp. Atk, Sp. Def, and Speed.


  • Select their traits and items (if they are holding any). It’s crucial because items can boost Coromons’ attack and defense when they’re in danger. For instance, the Oki fruit increases attack while the Dip fruit increases defense.


  • Finally, enter the damage-inflicting skill for the attacking Coromon and repeat the process for the defending Coromon.


  • The Damage Calculator is similar to a battle simulator in that it allows you to figure out which skills deal the most/least damage and how to best build your Coromon.


  • The tool is also very useful for PvP players because it allows them to determine how strong or weak their Coromon are against effective and ineffective matchups.


  • A level 50 Swampa, for example, deals 128-151 HP damage to a level 50 Beezel when using Poison Chomp.


So not only is it a bad idea to pit a Beezel against a Swampa, but if you do, make sure to have a status effect that can cripple the opponent in case your Beezel is knocked out.


  • Use the tools to figure out your Coromon’s strengths and weaknesses and train them accordingly.



How to use the Coromon Tracker?

This tool consists of several features and sections, each with its own purpose. Here’s a more in-depth look at each of them.




3 Essential Apps & Tools for Coromon Players


  • The Tracker is a simple and effective way to record all the Coromon you have caught so far, including their variants (Standard, Potent, Perfect).


To start building a better and more powerful team, read our guide to catching perfect Coromons.


How to Catch Perfect Coromon in Coromon


  • The Coromons stay marked even if you reload the page. So unless you’re using a VPN you can easily track your progress.




3 Essential Apps & Tools for Coromon Players


  • Each skill available in the game is listed in the Skills section.


  • You can see the skill’s SP cost, power, accuracy, and category (status, physical, special) of the skill. You can also find out if it’s a flash/nonflash or single target/AOE skill.


  • Type a skill into the search bar on the left to find it, or use the type-filter to sort through the available skills.




3 Essential Apps & Tools for Coromon Players


  • The Corodex contains detailed information on all of the Coromons found in the game. It includes general information, the possibility of having certain traits, all skills and when they unlock, as well as a stat sheet.


For instance, a Swurmy evolves to Beezel at level 14 and Humbee at level 28. 


It can have one of the following traits: Strategist (30%), Slippery (30%), Inner Fire (20%), and Antidote (20%).


Here is a list of all the skills Humbee can use:


Name Level
Slam (Normal/Physical)) 1
Rage (Normal/Status) 3
Venomous Bees (Poison/Special) 8
Double Sting (Normal/Physical) 14
WInd Blast (Air/Special) 20
Feelers (Normal/Status) 25
Super Drain (Magic/Status) 34
Precision Eye (Normal/Status) 37
Transcending (Normal/Physical) 45
Sandman (Normal/Status) 54


  • The Corodex includes similar data on every Coromon and is extremely useful if you’re looking for the perfect squad.




3 Essential Apps & Tools for Coromon Players


  • The Finder section reveals all the Coromon you can catch in a specific area of the map. It’s ideal for finding Coromons both for PvE and PvP.


  • The tool not only shows the level of Coromon you can catch in these regions but also the likelihood of encountering them.


For instance, you can catch the following in the Icemountain_A region of the map:


Coromon Level Chance
Dugterra 43~48 33%
Krypeek 35~38 33%
Krybeest 43~48 17%
Armado 35~40 17%
Armadon 40~45 17%


  • Simply type Coromon’s name into the Finder, and it will show you all possible locations in Velua where you can find it. 




3 Essential Apps & Tools for Coromon Players


  • The Item section lists all the available items in the game and their location. This section will come in handy for completionists who want to find every item in the game.


  • The list also includes locations on the map where you can find gold. In case you are low on the resource, check out our quick gold-making guide to earn close to ~400,000 gold per hour.


How to Make Gold Quickly in Coromon?


The list is still under development, and more info will be uploaded as new content is added to the game.


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