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How to Catch Perfect Coromon in Coromon

How to Catch Perfect Coromon in Coromon

The chance of encountering a Perfect Coromon is 0.03% which means one in every 3194 you encounter will be Perfect. The only way to increase the odds is with a Potent Scent, which attracts higher potential value (PV) Coromons for 6 minutes. This guide will explain how to get the most out of Potent Scents, along with two guaranteed ways of obtaining a Perfect Coromon.


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How do you use Potent Scent to catch a perfect Coromon?

  • Go to Items, and head over to the Key Items tab. Click on the Potent Scent to use it and head over to the biome where you want to catch a specific Coromon.


  • Potent Scents last 6 minutes, so only use them if you’re near a bush or cave entrance in the biome.


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  • Save the game right after using the scent. Now keep on triggering encounters unless you catch a Potent/Perfect Coromon.


  • If you did not get a Potent/Perfect Coromon, exit the game without saving and reload the previous save file. Continue as long as you do not come across a Perfect/Potent Coromon.


  • The process can be tedious and repetitive for new players, so it’s advised that you use this trick only when you are hunting a Perfect for PvP.


  • Make sure to save after catching a Potent/Perfect Coromon; otherwise, you might lose it if you accidentally reload the game.



How to get two Perfect Coromons?

Perfect Humbee

  • The first is a Perfect Humbee, and you’ll need the Tremor Module from Light Sensai to catch it. Also, make sure you are carrying at least level 55 or above Coromons because the Humbee will be level 60 and guarded by two Beezels.


  • Use the module on the tree west of Noah’s house shown below to knock the Hive off the tree.


How to Catch Perfect Coromon in Coromon


  • Now go to the items and use the Hive to trigger an encounter with a Perfect Humbee. 


  • Save the game just before triggering the encounter so that you can reload the game and try again if you accidentally defeat the Humbee (force it to faint).


  • All of them are normal types, so keep a Coromon with a few Poison skills on hand.



Perfect Ghost Coromons (Lunarpup, Purrgy, & Otogy)

  • Continue west until you reach Fresia Pass, west of Alavi, and meet the man shown below;


How to Catch Perfect Coromon in Coromon


  • Start a conversation with him, and he will trade you one of three ghost Coromons (Lunarpup, Purrgy, and Otogy) for two Potent Scents (you should have at least 4 to 5 by now).


  • You can only choose one of them, so pick wisely. Lunarpup is usually the best option because of its high speed. Purrgy, on the other hand, has some cool abilities that you can use. Otogy isn’t always the best option, but it’s your call.


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