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9 Pro Tips For DEATHLOOP You Should Know

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Tips & Tricks

  1. Versing Colt as Juliana in Multiplayer, you must keep in mind that Colt has three lives, and you have one life. Also, Colt carries an overpowered machete that can easily defeat you in close quatres combat.


Create distance from Colt, utilize your parkour ability to move on building tops with a perk to reduce footstep noise. Set up traps & turrets in bottleneck locations like near the Antenna where Colt will likely go to. Once at a secure vantage point, kill your target with a sniper or sneaky stealth attack.


  1. The most efficient way to take out a group of bad guys is by using the Nexus ability. Find a safe vantage point to inspect an enemy group, then highlight each enemy.


Once you activate the Nexus ability, all the highlighted enemies will be chain killed at the press of a button.


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  1. For an aggressive close-range playstyle, wield a machete and equip these following perks:


  • Bloodthirsty Brawler


  • Never Say Die


  • Renewable


  • Shift


You can quickly teleport in & out of danger, get close to enemies, and overwhelm them with machete blows. Your health and energy regenerate whenever you get a kill; your health & energy regenerate, making it more difficult for enemies to take you down.


However, if you swap out the health & energy regen buffs for the Nexus ability, you can inflict more damage at the cost of a higher risk of dying.


  1. Acquiring batteries can be annoying at first when you have to backtrack to their spawn locations. A simple way to get batteries is to destroy turrets and hover over them to find batteries that you can take.


Batteries come in handy for the following reasons:


  • Use batteries as grenades by throwing and shooting them to create an explosion.


  • Batteries can be used to solve puzzles and access locked doors.


  • Once you know where batteries are located on a turret, shoot the batteries directly to destroy the turret in one shot.


  1. Don’t start building your ideal loadout until you have been introduced to ‘infusion’ since your progress will be easily lost. After the infusion introduction, discover unique weapons and experiment with them with the infusion. Then when you die and loop back, your infused weapons will still be available in your inventory now.


  1. Once the infusion is unlocked, you will want to seek the best weapons. To find them, target visionaries. They will be surrounded by their cronies but try to take out the visionary first to quickly grab their powerful weapon and use it against the surrounding enemies.


Make sure to use stealth and hacking to take out the visionaries because you will be underpowered at first.


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  1. After unlocking the infusion system and you want the perfect weapon for Juliana in PvP, go to Carls Bay in the evening and enter inside the Fathoms of Lament building and complete the puzzle to unlock the Heritage gun—a weapon that is the combination of a long-range rifle and a close-range shotgun.


  1. The puzzle that unlocks the Heritage gun is timed. You can complete the puzzle without being timed by not entering the puzzle room with the leaver. Instead, enter a hole in the wall to the right of the puzzle door’s leaver.


Once inside the puzzle room, you will have to search for symbols to solve the puzzle but now, without being timed!


  1. Another weapon to add to your arsenal is Harriet’s Fourpounder Pistol, a gun that shoots poisonous gas clouds for AoE damage, and if you shoot the gas cloud from a distance with bullets, it will explode. Also, equip the Steel Lungs perk when using Harriet’s Fourpounder Pistol because the gas clouds will regenerate health when you enter them.


To find this weapon, go to the Northern point of the map and find the warehouse where Harriet is stationed—kill her to acquire the pistol.


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