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This Land Is My Land: Advanced Guide, Tips and Tricks for Pro Gamers

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A blend of stealth, action, and strategy mechanics is present in This Land Is My Land. In the long path to reclaiming your land, you will be able to choose from a wide variety of approaches to addressing every problem or threat that may arise. The game takes the player’s role as a tribe chief on a quest for revenge in an open-world environment. Interacting with characters, infiltrating enemy camps, forts, and killing human enemies are part of the experience as players explore an open-world environment.


Melee-style combat involves bows, guns, and melee weapons that players use to kill their enemies. To dispatch enemies discreetly, players can also employ stealth attacks. Bodies of dead people and animals are found throughout the game. When enemies are killed, large amounts of blood are splattered.



1.  Playing As a Chief

  • Playing as Chief is the most important part of the game. As a warrior, you employ him to destroy the enemy as a one-person army or by enlisting the help of your warriors, ensuring that you take back or reconquer your land. Below the main map of the Overview screen is a bar that displays an overview of all the options.



2.  Manage Player Camps

  • Managing your Player Camps is another part of the game. Using your NPC Warriors, you can build camps, attack enemy POIs, collect materials, and more. If you choose, you can sometimes gather and craft using the gathering and crafting system in place.



3.  Experience Realistic Needs

  • Within a 100 square mile world, you’ll find three distinct biomes that hold valuable resources. As well as hunting dangerous animals, you can join forces with other tribes to fight your opponents. A realistic experience awaits you in the game.


  • You can disable this system if it doesn’t suit your playstyle, allowing you to deal with diseases caused by improperly chosen food eaten in battle or contaminated river water. Make use of Resistance Creations for customizing your next resistance in the manner you prefer.





4.  Find Stealth Tools

  • Utilize a wide range of stealth tools, including lethal and non-lethal options. Craft & set traps and lure carnivores to enemy camps with baits. Poison enemy food with poison and poison baits.


  • Hiding your infiltration’s effects on the environment is a good idea. You can use it as a way to observe an enemy settlement and plan future moves. It would be best if you made a decision that is right for you. The choice is yours: let the enemies hide in fear or kill them on sight. Both will have their consequences.



5.  Create Your Weapon List

  • Make a list of your favorite weapons by choosing from bows, flintlocks, etc. Do not forget to take realistic ballistics into account.


  • The AI in this game uses its surroundings and weapon perks to fight against you collectively. By adding bleeds, fractures, infections, shocks, and more to your resistance, you can experience an even greater level of immersion and difficulty.


  • Regardless of your enemies, this system applies to you as well. Develop a trusted War Party, a group of warriors who follow you in battle and are directly controlled by you.



6.  Focus on Smaller Camps

  • It would be best if you concentrated on the smaller camps you can manage on your own. So, you can invest your Skill Point SP into your Chief’s creations and other skills; you should increase your Skill Point SP. It will help you a lot.


  • By taking on some forts, you can begin to release some prisoners once you feel more confident. You will be joined by a randomly selected warrior each time you meet an enemy POI which will be more fun.


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7.  Use Line of Sight

  • You should practice using cover and Line of Sight even if you’re not going in stealth. The Player Camp or Player Outpost are the nearest places where you can respawn after being knocked down to zero health.


  • When your inventory is discovered at your death site, you will lose a significant amount of SP. When you are knocked down, a Quest for Revenge is automatically generated.



8.  Cover a Decent Distance

  • Using dodge and roll as a bridge between you and your enemy can widen the gap between you. If you use proper positioning and key-pressing, you can grab and roll at the same time. Overall, you will have a great time playing This Land Is My Land.


  • You must be close enough to your character, and your timing must be good. Once you develop scouting skills, you will be able to see enemies through the spyglass.


  • Knowing this before entering is extremely helpful since the markers show when you are close to enemies and show the enemies that you can interrogate for quests.


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