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Propnight: Beginner’s Guide, Tips & Tricks for New Players


Propnight is indeed an amalgamation of the two games, including the Dead by Daylight and Prop Hunt. According to Propnight’s official announcement, Prop Hunt and Dead by Daylight combine physics-based mayhem with concepts from both games.


Propnight is far less stealthy than its predecessors, and the gameplay is even more chaotic. It’s like being in a post-apocalyptic movie where people transform into odd items and flail around animatedly.



1.  Choose Player Carefully

  • The game is about four teens escaping from one monster. With five kids to choose from, each with its limited-use item, you don’t just make a cosmetic decision.


  • However, by opening chests, each of them can obtain the items of the other. Because there are three different monsters with different abilities, it is possible to play the same monster very easily or very hard, depending on the map.


  • If the monster kills all four kids, it will win. When the time runs out, or five prop machines are repaired, and an exit door opens, the kids win. It can continue while any kids have not yet escaped. The gameplay makes Propnight quite a unique game.



2.  Turn Into a Prop

  • To become a prop, survivors can choose one nearby and copy it. This form permits survivors to roll on the ground and double jump.


  • To stun the monster temporarily, you can smack it into the ground quite hard, causing it to drop some coins. In addition to stuns, the beast could also be stunned by slamming a door on it; the door would have to be destroyed for them to get inside. If a door is closed, survivors can reopen it.



3.  Repair Prop Machine to Escape

  • The survivors must locate and repair five prop machines to survive. There are more than five prop machines that you must repair to survive.


  • In most cases, you hold the interact button, but occasionally you will need to click on a quick time event. Click on a gauge when the highlight segment is highlighted on the indicator.


  • After this segment, there is a short mark; click on this mark. In this case, the machine will repair more quickly since it will give 100 coins instead of 75.


  • Defeating the quick time event will result in some progress being lost and the monster being alerted. If you want to avoid enemies, you must play it wisely and carefully. If you want to progress quickly, make sure to repair the Prop machine as soon as possible.



4.  Get PropCoins

  • Propcoins will be earned by repairing machines or moving into floating coins. By opening a chest after receiving 1000 coins, you can get another item.


  • You can open a chest multiple times and hold three items at once. Floating coins can give 300 coins. So, get the prop coins and open the chest as much as you want. These coins will help you to earn new things and rewards.


We hope you found this guide helpful. Please leave a comment if you have any additional tips or tricks to add to this guide. As soon as your comment is approved, we’ll update this guide.


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