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Propnight: Beginner’s Guide, Tips & Tricks for New Players


Propnight, a thrilling blend of Dead by Daylight and Prop Hunt, offers a unique and chaotic gaming experience reminiscent of a post-apocalyptic movie where players morph into peculiar objects and move around with lively animations.



Choose Your Character Wisely

The game revolves around four teenagers trying to escape from a monstrous enemy. With five characters available, each possessing a unique, limited-use item, your choice is more than just cosmetic. However, characters can acquire other items by opening chests. With three distinct monsters boasting varying abilities, gameplay can range from easy to challenging, depending on the map. The monster wins if it eliminates all four teens, while the teens win if they repair five prop machines and open an exit door before time runs out. This makes Propnight a truly one-of-a-kind game.



Transform into a Prop

Survivors can morph into nearby props, allowing them to roll & double jump. To temporarily stun the monster, slam it into the ground, forcing it to drop coins. Monsters can also be stunned by having a door slammed on them, which they must then destroy to proceed. If a door is closed, survivors can reopen it.



Fix Prop Machines to Escape

To win, survivors must locate and repair five prop machines. While interacting with a machine, players may occasionally encounter a quick time event. Click on the highlighted section of the gauge to successfully complete it. Following this, there’s a brief mark to click on, which speeds up the repair process and rewards 100 coins instead of 75. Failing the quick time event may result in lost progress and alert the monster. To progress quickly and safely, repair prop machines as soon as possible.



Collect PropCoins

Earn PropCoins by fixing machines or collecting floating coins. Accumulate 1000 coins to open a chest and receive an additional item. You can open multiple chests and carry up to three items simultaneously. Floating coins provide 300 coins, so gather as many PropCoins as possible and open chests to obtain new items and rewards.


We hope this guide proves useful to you. If you have any extra tips or tricks to contribute, please leave a comment. Once approved, we’ll update the guide accordingly.


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