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Valheim – Advanced Taming Tips & Tricks

Valheim - Advanced Taming Tips & Tricks

Tame animals will attack walls and other structures if they cannot path towards a spotted enemy, which can be prevented by making sure they don’t have a line of sight to creatures roaming nearby or by using terrain walls.


One-star and two-star variants of creatures may be bred for vastly increased loot as their offspring will randomly be assigned the “star quality” of either parent. Once you have two ** creatures, all their offspring will be ** creatures.


Tame boars are useful as a meat supply as they can be fed carrots, which are plentiful. * and ** boars will drop meat by the bundle.


Tame wolves are excellent both for defense and their loot. This is true for the regular variant, which is easily tamed by digging a pit or raising terrain walls and putting a campfire nearby – even if you don’t have frost resistance clothing yet. Just be careful as they pack a hell of a punch. The * and ** versions drop more loot and deal more damage, but are very time-consuming to tame as they (mostly) spawn at night.


The problem with night-spawned creatures is that they’ll run away from the player during the day and nothing else – no taming, breeding, or eating – and will de-spawn if you move ~20 meters away from them (during the day). This is not true for their offspring, however, which behave normally.


The easiest area to tame them is a small mountain biome, as no will spawn there.


They’ll sustain their numbers if weak enemies dropping meat are nearby, such as boars and deer. In safer areas, this will allow them to grow their numbers without player intervention.


Two methods may be used for optimal breeding speed, as creatures need space to procreate (approximately 10m radius for six animals):


  • Create a platform too small for six animals, causing some to fall off the platform when offspring is spawned. If the height is sufficient the “platform animals” will never stop breeding when fed.


  • Instead of confining wolves to a pen, have them follow you and keep them fed. They’ll mate as soon as they’re able and quickly populate the nearby area with cubs without space issues, though they’ll die surprisingly quickly even in the meadows. If the cubs survive into adulthood they’ll become both a formidable force and source of easy loot.


Tamed Loxes are powerful but don’t breed and won’t attack plains creatures. They’re quite a sight, however.


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