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Valheim – Building Tips for Beginners

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Building Tips for Beginners

  • Build a chimney for your fireplace. You need to place a fireplace near your bed but the fireplace will also produce smoke that will choke you to death. To let those nocuous smoke out, you need to break the roof directly above the fireplace. Then you need to partially cover that hole so that your fireplace is not drenched by rain because it rains a lot in Valheim.


  • Stack your chests. You would need lots of chests because all survival game players are hoarders. However, these chests are huge and taking up all the space in your house because they cannot be stacked! Well, fortunately, you can build shelves. Just place the chest against a wall, and build a shelf above the chest by sticking the smaller wood floor against the wall. Now you can place a second chest on that shelf.


  • Build woodpiles. Each woodpile takes fifty woods to build, so instead of wasting valuable spaces in your chests, build woodpiles to store wood. You can break them whenever you need wood and they are aesthetically pleasing as decoration anyway.


  • Build a wall. In Valheim, an event called “The forest is moving” happens randomly when enemies in the area will gather to attack your base. So yes, you need to build a stake wall to protect your precious house.


  • Repair your structures. Any structure without a roof on it can be destroyed by rain over time. So periodically, just go around the base with a hammer to repair any structure that seems to be falling apart soon.


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