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Valheim Tips & Tricks for Getting Started

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Tips for Getting Started


  • Tin and copper can be found in the Black forest.


  • Hugin the Raven offers helpful hints.


  • Eating food increases your health and stamina pools. Try to balance your three food slots accordingly.


  • Yellow damage numbers indicate a weakness, grey numbers indicate a resistance.


  • Build a cart to haul heavy goods over longer distances.


  • There are four principal crafting types: woodworking, masonry, smithing, and cooking.


  • Attacking with knives and bows while sneaking confers a large damage bonus.


  • Build a rudimentary shelter as soon as possible!


  • Boars are controlled by interacting with the steering oar.


  • Different enemies are weak to different damage types. For instance, Greydwarfs do not like fire.


  • When you have built a bed, do not forget to claim it.


  • Hunting deer with a ranged weapon provides a good source of meat and skin.


  • Enemies won’t spawn near player built structures (e.g., crafting tables, campfires, etc.)


  • Sitting is the safest way to travel while on a boat.


  • Do not forget to upgrade your crafting stations, weapons, and armor.


  • The hoe can flatten the ground, which makes it much easier to construct buildings.


  • Being rested helps to regenerate stamina and health faster.


  • Some resources require better gear to harvest them.


  • Birds are a good source of feathers. They will stay close to the ground while the weather is bad.


  • Upgraded stations enable various crafting options and let you improve your equipment.


  • It is generally a bad idea to venture outside at night…


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