Valheim – Mining and Smithy Guide


Mining and Smithy

Ores/Basic resources:

Ore – Biome

Copper ore – Black forest

Tin ore – Meadows

Iron ore – Swamp

Silver ore – Mountains

Black metal scrap – Plains killing Fulings



Where I can get Surtling Core?

You can find this item in:


– Random chest: This has a very low drop since I didn’t find any in a chest yet.


– Inside dungeons. Around 0-9 In just one dungeon. There are some dungeons that are empty and there are large dungeons with a lot of them.


– Surtling mob drop: Fire mobs that drop it.



Smelter needs coal and ores in order to work. It will consume 2x Coal and 1x Ore to get an ingot.


To get coal you can overcook food in the Cooking station or build a Charcoal kiln.



Charcoal kiln needs wood in order to work.



This is the first craft station you have to build to be able to use ingots and craft better weapons, armor, tools, and items.



You can improve your Forge using different furnitures.



To be able to smelt black metal scraps you need to use a Blast Furnace. You will unlock it when you get to craft the Artisan table.



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