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Valheim Cheat Codes & Commands Guide

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Cheat Commands

Press F5 to open console-To activate cheats, type imacheater, and press enter.


god – Enables god mode.


freefly – Activates the free camera.


ffsmooth 1 – Adds smooth movements to free camera.


ffsmooth 0 – Resets smooth movements to normal.


killall – Kills all nearby enemies.


tame – Tames all nearby creatures.


exploremap – Reveals the entire map.


resetmap – Hides entire map.


pos – Shows player coordinates.


goto [x,z[/b]] Teleports player to the specified coordinates.

location – Sets spawn location.


event [name] – Starts the named event.


stopevent – Stops the current event.


randomevent – Starts a random event.


raiseskill [skill] [amount] – Raises the named skill by the value entered.


resetcharacter – Resets all of your character data.


dpsdebug – Toggles dps debug print on and off.


save – Forces the game to save the current world state.


players [nr] – Adjusts the difficulty scale. Enter 0 to reset difficulty.


removedrops – Removes all items dropped in the area.


wind [angle][intensity] – Adjusts the direction and intensity of the wind.


resetwind – Resets the wind angle and intensity


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