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Valheim – Basic Building Guide

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Basic Building

This tutorial is going to help you with some more basic knowledge on how to build your fortress/home in Valheim. A great home will generally make you enjoy your playthrough more and have a greater chance of surviving.


1. Proper Foundations

It might appear glaringly evident with regards to building a home, yet having a strong establishment is fundamental. That is the same in Valheim, where leveled, strong ground is critical to the life span of your home.


To start building, you’ll need to make a Hammer from 3 wood and 2 stone.


You’ll additionally have to put a Workbench that will permit you to get to the structure menu.


2. Build on Flat Terrain

Since the universe of Valheim is procedurally created, no two games are equivalent. It might take some investigating to discover some moderately flat ground early in the game, yet this will pay off over the long haul.


When you create the Hoe you’ll have the option to level and raise ground on a case by case basis.


3. Place Floor Blocks

Start your home by putting on wooden floor tiles. This not just looks pleasant, it’s additionally useful and guarantees the ground you’re expanding on is level, which impacts the underlying scaffolding of your home. While your first home is likely not going to be your last in Valheim, it’s still acceptable to rehearse this propensity right off the bat as it will make the base structure a lot simpler as you find out additional information.


4. Take advantage of Snap Building

While Valheim offers boundless mixes for what you can assemble, it might appear to be somewhat overpowering from the start. In the same way as other survival games, developing homes requires sorting out individual pieces. Fortunately, Valheim has a framework that lets you effortlessly associate pieces by “snapping” the edges together.


This permits your design to be more uniform in its appearance with everything arranged. It additionally guarantees better underlying honesty, which means you’ll have the option to construct taller and more extensive without the danger of pieces falling.


For pieces to snap together, you essentially need to turn the planned piece with the scroll wheel to arrange it and it ought to naturally snap to the closest pieces as it draws near.


Note: You can toggle Snap Building on/off with the shift key.



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