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Valheim – Cooking & Potions Guide

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Cooking & Potions

There are three main crafting items you can use to cook and make potions:


Cooking station:

  • Needs a fire under it.


  • You can place two in the same campfire.


  • You can cook two pieces of meat, fish, and tail in each cooking station.


44 16


  • You can craft it using Wood x2


Keep in mind if you don’t take the food when it’s ready it will be burnt out and you will get coal.


  • Needs a fire under it.


  • You can place one cauldron in a campfire.


  • You can cook Carrot soup, queens jam, sausages, and mead base to make potions.


3 11



  • Needs empty space over it.


  • You can use mead base obtained from the cauldron to get different potions:


Frost resistance.


Medium healing.


Minor healing


Poison resistance


Minor stamina




1 151


  • To use the fermenter put inside it the base and just wait until is fermented.


2 45



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