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Valheim: How To Survive – Snow Biome – Tips & Tricks

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Snow Biome – Tips & Tricks

Take an anti-frost potion, iron pickaxe, then get in your boat and explore the world for really high mountains. You can climb mountains by jumping and hitting attack with a pickaxe. Wolves can be tough, cause of their damage and moving speed, so I recommend learning how to parry them with a shield. Try blocking right after they come close enough for your melee attack. Minidragons – shoot, dodge, shoot. If you meet rock golems, ignore them. Seriously, just ignore them and choose another way.


When the metal detector goes beep-beep-beep fast, start digging down for 1 meter. One found silver vein gains 60-70 pieces of silver ore. Don’t forget to scan runestones on top of the mountains for boss location and collect pink eggs (you will need 3).


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