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Book of Travels: Beginners Guide – Tips & Tricks


Might and Delight have developed Book of Travels for Windows, Mac, and Linux users. The Original release dates for the early access to the game were October 2020, August 30, 2021, and now October 11, 2021. It is a multiplayer role-playing game that comes with many exciting adventures. It has a limit of 15 players per server, making it different from other massively multiplayer online role-playing games.


Players will encounter each other personally when they cross paths and make each meeting memorable. As you read this guide, you will discover a few helpful tips and tricks that you should know before beginning your adventures in the Book of Travels.



1.  Explore

  • This game encourages us to explore as much as possible. When you are exploring the dungeons with other travelers, rare, unique items, and quests in Book of Travels, you will have to be a bit careful. Exploring will help you access various new things for progressing in the game.



2.  Trading

  • You can achieve the expansion of exploration through trading. By talking to different merchants, you will be able to learn what their inventory stocks are. It is also necessary to develop goods they pay more for than the median.


  • For example, if a fish is worth 20 on average, some merchants might pay 30. Once you’ve learned what they enjoy and how they trade, you can begin to plan your collection and selling routes in a much better way.



3.  Get Energy

  • It would be best if you stayed alert. The red bar will disappear as soon as the upper left corner is empty. You gain energy by eating food, drinking water, resting by a fireplace, and drinking teas that describe themselves as energy-recovery-enhancing.



4.  Regaining Life Petals

  • Initially, you may have had two life petals, but up to three are possible. Losing your last character will cause your character to die.


  • There are different ways that you can use to regain life petals. Also, many places are available that will help you gain life petals.



5.  Beginners Quest

  • The deer can heal life petals within the Dandelion Temple. You might not have noticed this while doing the beginner’s quest. In the beginner’s search, you will find it helpful.


  • Behind a tree hides a tea that is said to heal petals on the island of Myrt. These teas give you the petals to help you regain strength. You have two options to get help from someone, but the in-game chat is the most popular.


  • Bandaging yourself is possible using the most pitiful symbols you can find or relying on those around you. Other ways to get help are in-game chat on the Discord server.



6.  Avoid Attacks

  • There are attacks off the beaten track, usually at night, in many areas of the map. Walking slowly, using the Careful trait, and watching out and pressing the TAB key to identify hostile NPCs with red name tags will help you avoid many attacks.


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