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Book of Travels Beginner’s Guide: Tips & Tricks


Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Book of Travels, a unique tiny multiplayer role-playing game that offers a one-of-a-kind, absorbing experience. To jumpstart your journey and make the most of your escapades, we’ve assembled a series of valuable pointers for newcomers, touching on vital aspects such as combat and exploration.



Hone Your Combat Skills

In Book of Travels, combat is a key element of gameplay. To excel as a fighter, find a warden to trade for essential swords and gain proficiency in armor and weapons. When engaging a warden in a duel, approach them, initiate battle stance, and watch the initiative bars fill up. Your speed affects how quickly the bars fill, while burden slows it down. Employ combat techniques to outmaneuver opponents, and don’t be afraid to withdraw if the situation becomes overwhelming. Teas like Lit Cinema Brew, Cobalt Brew, and Blend of Fervor can boost your force, ward, and speed attributes. Purchase them from tea merchants or occasionally find them at no cost. Keep an eye out for these beneficial beverages as you traverse the game world.



Embark on Your Exploration

The game invites players to uncover its extensive and mesmerizing world. Unearth dungeons, distinctive items, and quests as you progress, but remain vigilant of potential hazards. Exploration unlocks new paths for advancement.



Master the Art of Trading

Expand your exploration by engaging in trade. Interact with various merchants to learn about their stock and the items they value most. By grasping their preferences, you can strategically plan your collecting and selling routes.



Maintain Energy Levels

Keep an eye on your energy levels. Your red bar diminishes as you expend energy, which can be replenished by consuming food, drinking water, resting near a fireplace, or enjoying teas with energy-restoring properties.



Recover Life Petals

Initially, you have two life petals, but you can acquire up to three. Losing all petals results in character demise. Learn methods to restore life petals, such as visiting specific places or completing particular tasks.



Embark on Your Beginner’s Quest

At the Dandelion Temple, a deer can heal life petals. During the beginner’s quest, locate the temple and interact with the deer to learn more. You can also find petal-healing teas on the island of Myrt.



Dodge Attacks

To evade attacks, move slowly, use the Careful trait, and press the TAB key to identify hostile NPCs with red name tags. Exercise extra caution in remote locations or during nighttime.



Acquire Reading Skills

Learning to read is essential in Book of Travels. Visit the Dandelion Temple and finish the related quests to gain this ability. Reading helps you better comprehend the game world and utilize advanced skills and spells.



Navigate with Ferries

Ferries transport you between various destinations but may be glitchy. Remain patient while waiting for ferries, using the downtime to examine your inventory, gear, or even try fishing.


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