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Colony Ship: A Post-Earth RPG – Combat Tips and Tricks: A Beginner’s Guide

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Combat Tips and Tricks

1) Accuracy is important, especially when your weapon skills are low, so don’t neglect Perception and feats that raise accuracy. Don’t spread your stat points too thin on your first attempt to play the game.


2) Buy better weapons as soon as possible, as higher quality means greater damage and higher accuracy.


3) If you simply click on enemies expecting them to die, you’ll quickly end up dead. Use different attacks. If your accuracy is low, use aimed attacks that take more AP but give you accuracy and penetration boost or other effects.


4) Press ALT when targeting to see the THC (to hit chance) breakdown and understand what determines it. Cover the effective range of your weapons, evasion, smoke, your penalties – they all factor in and can be countered.


5) Grenades are your best friend if you’re struggling. Poison will soften them up: low damage over time plus stat penalties. Flashbangs will lower their AP and evasion, making them easier to hit. Smoke grenades will lower the enemies’ THC; they work great for melee fighters but are also useful for rangers.


6) Gadgets have a short duration but can make a huge difference. They can be upgraded (click on the gear symbol on the gadget icons)


7) The enemies use the same system. They have the same stats, skills, limitations, armor, weapons, etc. When you start the game, what makes them better is that the AI knows the system better, so learn from it. See what weapons and attack types the enemies use (the combat log on your right), what tactics mixed parties use, etc.


8) Don’t expect easy victory over the two thugs outside of your apartment building. They have the same crappy skills as you, but there are two of them, and that makes a huge difference. Either walk away to come back later, use Critical Strike to kill one in dialogue that will even the odds, or use Streetwise.


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