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Grand Mountain Adventure: Wonderlands: Beginner Tips and Tricks

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Tips & Tricks

  • Staking by turning left/right/left/… increases speed, but only up to a certain velocity.


  • Speed boost: A slight speed boost is given when landing a trick, slapping another skier, and releasing a drift turn that has been held long enough.


  • Rotation boost: Hold a short turn while flying off a jump to gain a slight rotation boost in the air.


  • Drift Turn: Drift while turning by pulling either ski pole inward.


  • Short turn by pulling either ski pole outward. It’s useful when almost missing a gate but does cost speed.


  • Grab by pulling both poles apart or together when flying. Pulling the poles apart also makes the jump slightly longer, and pulling them together makes the jump slightly shorter.


  • Backflip/Frontflip: While flipping, pull both poles inward or outward to add a little steeze.


  • Spin: Hold left/right pole down to spin. Pull left/right pole outward for a quicker initial spin. Pull both poles left or right to add a grab to the spin.


  • Cork: When spinning by pulling both poles left or right, drag one of the poles up or down to make a corked rotation.


  • Shifty: When spinning by holding one of the poles down, drag the pole up or down to make a shifty.


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