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Hints and Tips for Earthbreakers

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Stick to Your Class’ Strengths

Each class has a strength; trying to destroy structures with an assault rifle won’t get you anywhere, but protecting your rocket troops and tanks while they destroy structures will keep you all alive longer.



Always check for new upgrades!

Initially, only a few upgrades are available; more unlock when the factory completes construction and on the completion of tech 1 and tech 2 research. Upgrades can drastically improve your survivability and damage output.



Hit Your Opponents in the Wallet

Destroying the Refinery knocks out the primary income of the base. If you can’t get to the Refinery, try destroying the Harvester instead.



Tanks are the Primary Structure Killer

Tanks are your best weapon against structures and have the longest firing range. However, they are vulnerable to rockets and turrets, so back them up with Engineers if you can.



Don’t Be Afraid to Switch Classes

If you are protecting the base as an Assault Rifle troop and tanks roll in, you can switch to the Engineer and repair structures as the tank fires. You can switch classes in the HQ.



Coordinate with your Team Mates

A well-coordinated team can make all the difference. Call out when you have incoming tanks or hidden snipers. Let your team know when you plan to plant a Buster Bomb so they can cause a distraction. Plan tank assaults from multiple directions.


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