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DAVE THE DIVER Beginner’s Guide: Tips for New Players

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Understanding the Basics: The Game Objective

Dave the Diver is a captivating role-playing game that immerses you in the thrilling world of deep-sea diving and collecting. You play as Dave, a daring diver tasked with capturing fish from the deep sea to supply the sushi restaurant he works for. However, Dave the Diver isn’t just about collecting fish. Not only do you collect fish, but you also come across aggressive sea creatures, valuable treasures, and complex challenges that elevate the fun and excitement of the game.



Starting Equipment:

You begin the game with a basic diving suit, a knife, and a harpoon. While the harpoon might take a bit of practice to master, it’s an invaluable tool for defending yourself against hostile sea creatures.



Critical Depths:

When you first start diving, a warning sign will appear if you venture too far, indicating you’ve reached the “critical depths”. Since your initial diving suit isn’t built to withstand the pressures of deep-sea exploration, it’s crucial to heed these warnings to avoid potential mishaps.



Upgrading Your Equipment

One of your first objectives should be to earn enough gold to upgrade your equipment – your diving suit, oxygen tanks, air cylinder, and cargo box.



Oxygen Tanks:

Having larger oxygen tanks will allow you to dive for longer periods without having to resurface. This will enable you to explore further and collect more fish.



Air Cylinder:

Upgrading your air cylinder will increase the amount of air you can breathe underwater, which means you can dive deeper without risking your life.



Cargo Box:

A larger cargo box lets you bring more items back to the surface. The more fish you catch, the more ingredients you have for your sushi restaurant!


It’s crucial to balance these upgrades. Focusing too heavily on one aspect might impede your progress in another. For instance, having high-level air tanks but a low-level cargo box would mean you can stay underwater longer but can’t bring back many items.



Earning Gold and Serving Sushi

The key to earning the gold you need to upgrade your equipment lies in your sushi bar. After each dive, you’ll serve guests at the restaurant, fulfilling their orders for various menu items and green tea.



Perfect Service:

Pouring the correct amount of green tea consistently can lead to improved customer satisfaction, increased gold income, and a better restaurant reputation.



Diversify the Menu:

Rare types of fish typically fetch higher prices, so aim to catch a variety of species to cater to different customer preferences.



Check Your Stats:

At the end of each night, you’ll see a stats screen showing which items sold the most. Use this information to adjust your menu and maximize your income.



Staffing Up:

As you progress, consider hiring additional staff to assist in serving customers. This not only reduces your workload but also improves service efficiency, leading to happier customers and more gold in your pocket.



Dave’s Phone

Early in the game, Dave receives a cell phone, which becomes an essential tool. The phone lets you check your sushi bar’s status, your current equipment level, and overall progress. It’s also where you access the in-game store to purchase new equipment, hire staff, and upgrade your restaurant.



Gameplay Tips

  • Keep Track Of Your Oxygen Levels: Always keep an eye on your oxygen levels. If you run out of oxygen, you’ll lose all the progress from your current dive. Stay close to the Escape Pod, especially before you upgrade your gear.


  • Avoid Diving Too Deep: Until you’ve mastered the basics and upgraded your equipment, refrain from venturing too deep underwater. This could expose you to aggressive sea creatures that might be too challenging to handle at early stages of the game.


  • Learn To Dodge: Dodging will become an essential skill, particularly as you dive deeper and face more aggressive sea creatures. Practice your dodging skills on every dive to avoid losing precious resources.


  • Selling Your Catch: Remember, your aim is to catch the rarest and most valuable fish for your sushi bar. But, if you have excess fish, consider selling them directly for gold. This can be a quick way to accumulate gold for crucial early-game upgrades.


  • Daily Missions: Don’t forget to check the phone for daily missions. Completing these missions provides bonus rewards, offering a substantial boost to your gold income, which can be particularly beneficial early on in the game.


DAVE THE DIVER PC Keyboard Controls


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