Batbarian: Testament of the Primordials - Hints and Tips - MGW

Batbarian: Testament of the Primordials – Hints and Tips

Batbarian: Testament of the Primordials - Hints and Tips

– The total number of obtainable items is as follows: 51 Pure Gems, 5 Stone Satchels, 7 Sticky and Pungent Fruit Pouches, 16 instances of all potions, aside from only 1 Health Potion in each version of the dungeon (they can, however, be bought from Friffle once obtained and used for 500 gold apiece, independent for each version of the dungeon).


– There are 115 red chests, and 81 brown chests to be opened, for a total number of 196.


– Money bags or other small pickups don’t count towards game completion.


– Most rooms in the Ethereal Palace have 2 or 3 versions. To get a different version, simply re-enter the room until you get it. Some variations contain treasure that the others do not.


– Money grabbed in the illusionary version of the Ethereal Palace won’t increase your total gold count.


– Pip can move around items by bumping into them.


– Small enemies can be knocked around with stones, or by giving them a bump from Pip using Pungent Fruit (useful for removing Blobs roaming ceilings, or changing the trajectory of Floaters).


– Pungent fruit can be used to break blocks and walls that are out of reach to your conventional weapons.


– Sticky Fruit sticks to any solid surface, including enemies. This can be used for a few puzzles.


– Nibblers can move items around (useful for the money bags in the Trial of the Maze in Polyandrium).


– The few rooms on the left side of Polyandrium can be accessed as soon as you meet Cobalt (the giant Worg) for the first time, allowing early access to Pungent Fruit and 2 Pure Gems. Not much progress can be made inside, though, until you get the Ice Fruit on the other side.


– The trials in the Forgotten Roots won’t give any rewards beyond bragging rights and achievement and won’t count towards any endings or game completion percentage.


– There is a known softlock in the top-left of Mournsalt, where, without the Fire Fruit, you cannot get out once you reach the chest containing the Pure Gem. It is recommended to only pursue this treasure once you have the Fire Fruit. If you do get stuck, however, you can reload the last checkpoint or campfire, but beware you will lose some progress.


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