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Uncharted Waters Online – Hints

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HINT: If you need money, complete some quests, defeat pirates, or trade goods between ports.


HINT: Don’t fill up all your cargo space only with provisions. You should leave some free space in case you find items when defeating pirates and other ships. My personal suggestion is to fill 1/2 of the cargo with provisions and leave 1/2 empty to fill with stolen cargo and found items.


HINT: If you ever get in trouble or don’t know what to do in the game, you can ask other players since most veterans are happy to help. To do this, simply turn your speaking channel to “World” and ask your question nicely (be polite).


HINT: Put your cash in the bank. It will get you interest and you will profit while you are doing other things in the game.


HINT: If you ever find a friendly company that invites you, it’s a good idea to join them, since you’ll learn the game a lot faster with other people helping you.


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