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How to Throw Someone Over the Top Rope in AEW: Fight Forever

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In AEW: Fight Forever, as in other wrestling games, you have the thrilling opportunity to throw your relentless opponents over the top rope. Executing this move is surprisingly simple yet essential for success in competitive matches. In this quick guide, we will outline the straightforward steps masterfully to execute this maneuver in the game. So, let’s dive right in and discover the keys to triumph in AEW: Fight Forever.




Everything starts with your position. For any chance of throwing your opponent over the top rope, you need to be near it. Make sure you maneuver both you and your opponent close to the ropes before making your move.




Next up is the grapple. In AEW: Fight Forever, a grapple is initiated by pressing the ‘X‘ button on your PS5 controller or the ‘A‘ button on your Xbox controller. This is your first step towards executing the over-the-top-rope throw.



The Throw

Once you’ve successfully grappled your opponent, it’s time for the crucial part – the throw. To throw your opponent over the top rope, press ‘L2‘ on PS5 or ‘LT‘ on Xbox. If done right, you’ll see your character toss the opponent over the rope with flair.



Monitor Health Bar

Here’s a little insider tip – always keep an eye on your opponent’s health bar. Trying to throw them over the top rope when they’re still in good shape might backfire. You want their health bar to be depleted before you attempt this move. Otherwise, they might counter your move, and you could end up being the one who’s thrown out of the ring.


This throw is a critical move in game modes like the Casino Battle Royale, where your goal is to be the last one standing in the ring. Plus, it’s the first task you’re faced with in the Career Mode of the game, so mastering this move early will set you up nicely for future success in AEW: Fight Forever.


Keep practicing until this move becomes second nature, and soon you’ll be tossing opponents out of the ring like a pro. It’s all about the right timing and proper execution. Good luck and enjoy the game!


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