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How to Set a Table on Fire in AEW: Fight Forever

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If you’re a big fan of the heart-racing action in AEW: Fight Forever and want to really crank things up with a fiery spectacle, you’re in the right place. Today, we’re going to guide you on how to light up a table in the game! Yep, you heard it right – you can add some sizzle to your wrestling matches, creating those ‘wow’ moments and giving you a leg up on your rivals.



Charging up a Finisher:

First off, you’ve got to bag yourself a finisher. Get in the ring and mix it up with your opponent until your finisher is ready to roll. This step’s pretty key for what’s coming next.



Hunting for a Table:

To set a table on fire, well, you’ve got to find one first! Keep your eyes peeled & grab one when you see it. Just a quick note, in AEW: Fight Forever, you can only grab a table during no-holds-barred matches like the lights out match, the three-way match, the four-way match, the ladder match, and the falls count anywhere match.



Lighting up the Table:

Now, this is where the fun starts – setting the table on fire. Perform a taunt with the table, similar to executing a finisher move. Once you taunt, a “weapon finisher” alert will pop up. Then, move the analog stick as if you’re performing your finisher, thereby demonstrating its power to your opponent. Doing this sets the table on fire. Just remember, you’ve got to have a signature move ready to pull this off.



Putting the Burning Table to Work:

With the table now ablaze, it’s time to use it to your advantage. There are plenty of ways to send your opponent through the flaming table. For instance, Kenny Omega’s German suplex is a neat move that can send your rival crashing through the table. You can also use strong strikes, suplexes off the turnbuckle, and normal standing moves to defeat your opponent.


Taunting: When you’re close to getting a signature or if you’ve already got a finisher, grab the table and hit the right stick to do a taunt. This builds momentum, potentially giving you the upper hand in the match.


Table Remnants: After you’ve smashed your opponent through the table, you can use what’s left of it as a weapon. This adds a cool little detail to your gameplay.


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