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How to Win Every Online Match in AEW: Fight Forever

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Greetings fellow gamers & wrestling enthusiasts! I understand you’ve been seeking ways to come out on top in every online match in AEW: Fight Forever. You’re in the right place. This guide, drawing from practical experience, provides a thorough walkthrough on how to master the gameplay, build your character, and dominate your online matches. Let’s get started.



  1. Character Selection and Mastery of the Reversal System:

The first step towards consistent victories starts with understanding two crucial aspects: the character you pick and the reversal system. It’s important to understand that many players find the reversal system in this game challenging due to perceived flaws. If you’re having a hard time mastering it don’t be too hard on yourself: we’ll look into ways to overcome these obstacles.



  1. Embarking on the Road to Elite:

Now, you might be a bit confused about the ‘Road to Elite’. When you start, Elite may not be immediately available. If it was, you’d probably select it right away. But fear not. What you can do is undertake the ‘Road to Elite’ at least once. The second time you venture into it, make sure to do it on Elite difficulty. This will earn you more money and skill points, facilitating crucial character upgrades.



  1. Buffing the Right Stats:

Let’s discuss the character stats. Maxing out some stats is paramount for optimal performance. Here are the essential ones:


Momentum Rate: Keeping your momentum high is key, so max this out.


Signature Size: Boosting this helps to get more signatures.


Finisher Strength: Especially for your first finisher, make this as strong as possible.


Signature Strength: You’ll be using your signature moves more than finishers, so max this out.


Kick and Grapple Power: These are moves you’ll be using all the time, so power them up.


Movement Speed: The faster, the better.



  1. Choosing Your Action Skills:

Choosing the right action skills is pivotal for your victory. Prioritize the following:


Anti-Air Defense: This one is subjective, but can be handy.


Kip Up: Whenever you get slammed into the ground, this will quickly get you back on your feet.


Quick Mount: This lets you get on the turnbuckle quickly.


Guard Break: Absolutely crucial, you’re going to need this.


Desperation Impulse: When you’re on the ground in danger, this will give you a fighting chance.


Rebound Recoil Attack: Useful when you’re thrown into the ropes and you want to hit back.


Sprint Technician: Good for setups, it allows you to get behind your opponent while running.


Strike Proficiency: Increases the number of strikes you can throw.


Jumpstart: This is an essential skill that should not be overlooked.



  1. Picking Your Passive Skills:

Passive skills are just as important. ‘First Attack’ and ‘Unyielding Pose’ are among the best choices. The former gives you an initial advantage while the latter keeps you standing longer.



  1. Choosing Your Signature Move:

Now comes the fun part: selecting your signature move. Your go-to should be the quick and efficient ‘Cutter’, paired with a super quick finisher such as the ‘Super Kick’.



  1. Selecting Your Standard Strike:

An ideal standard strike is a quick move that can instantly knock down an opponent. The ‘Left Jab/Right Punch Combo’ fits the bill perfectly. It delivers a swift combo of punches that instantly down opponents and is arguably the most important standard strike in the game.



  1. Implementing Gameplay Strategies:

Now that you have the character ready, let’s discuss the in-game strategies:


Momentum: Maintain a high momentum throughout the match.


First Strike: Use ‘Jumpstart’ to gain an advantage with the first attack.


Guard Break: Use it effectively to keep your opponent at bay.


Utilize Special Moves: Strategically use your signature moves and finishers, and don’t forget to utilize the Kip Up feature whenever you’re down.



  1. Custom Characters Over Regular Wrestlers:

Unless you’re going for a high-tier character like Paul White, it’s recommended to create your own wrestler with the optimized skills and stats we’ve discussed. Regular wrestlers in the game might not have the ideal set of skills needed for consistent victories.


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