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AEW: Fight Forever – How to Break the Stage


AEW Fight Forever has taken the gaming world by storm, delivering all the heart-pounding, high-flying action of professional wrestling right into your living room. This game is more than just wrestling matches, though. It’s about breaking barriers, quite literally. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll teach you how to take the action to the next level by breaking the stage in AEW Fight Forever. This spectacular action will add a new level of drama to your matches, allowing you to perform epic feats that will have the crowd on its feet. So, let’s dive in and bring the house down!



Positioning Your Opponent:

Every good move in a wrestling match starts with the right positioning. In AEW Fight Forever, your first task in performing the stage-breaking spectacle is to toss your opponent over the top rope. Now how do you do this, you ask? Simple! Just use the L2 button on your controller. This action will position your opponent on the apron, ready and waiting for your next onslaught.



Grappling and Irish Whipping:

With your opponent teetering on the apron, now is the time to grapple them. Get up close and personal, and then let the Irish whipping begin. Send them spiraling toward the stage with a good Irish whip. If you’re facing the computer-controlled AI, bear in mind they might throw a few curveballs your way, but don’t let that deter you. Continue your onslaught with grapple and Irish whip combinations, gradually making your way to the stage.



Stage Time:

So, you’ve made it to the stage. Great! But the fun’s only just started. Once you’re on the stage, grapple your opponent once again. Perform an Irish whip to put them in the perfect position for your next move. The anticipation builds!



The Mighty German Suplex:

This is where the magic happens! Now that your opponent is all set, use your analog stick and face it upwards, then press the X button simultaneously. This will make your character perform a German suplex maneuver, a powerful move that is the key to breaking the stage. With a solid “boom,” the first cracks will appear on the stage. That’s one down!



Rinse and Repeat:

You’re almost there, but patience is key. To fully shatter the stage, you need to perform this sequence of actions three times in total. Keep up the momentum and continue the same actions. Before you know it, the stage will shatter completely, leaving your opponent (and audience) in awe of your performance.



Bonus: Shattering the Barricades:

After mastering the art of stage-breaking, why not turn your attention to the barricades? The process is pretty similar. All you need to do is Irish whip your opponent into the barricades and execute a German suplex, much like the stage-breaking process. The satisfying crunch of the barricades adds yet another layer of excitement to your matches.


Remember, one of the great features of AEW Fight Forever is that these awesome maneuvers are not restricted to specific characters – any player can execute these moves. Whether you’re a veteran or new to the game, you can enjoy the satisfaction of breaking the stage or the barricades.


This guide is just the beginning! There’s so much more to explore in AEW Fight Forever, like setting tables on fire, performing maneuvers on steel steps, and unlocking new characters. So, stay tuned for more guides, have fun, and remember: in the world of wrestling, the only limit is your imagination!


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