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How to Reverse Finishers & Signatures in AEW: Fight Forever


Understanding the Basic Controls

Before we start with reversals, it’s essential to understand the primary controls used in the game. AEW: Fight Forever uses different buttons to control various actions, and in this case, we’re interested in two buttons: L1 and R1.


L1 is used to reverse grapples. Grapples occur when your opponent attempts to hold you in a wrestling grip. R1 is used to reverse strikes, which are direct hits or blows from your opponent.



Reversing Finishers & Signature Maneuvers

Now, here’s the exciting part. If you’ve been wondering how to counter those devastating finishers and signature maneuvers from your opponent, the secret lies in combining the powers of L1 and R1. When your opponent is about to launch a finisher or signature maneuver, you can perform a reversal by pressing both L1 and R1 at the same time.


It’s essential to press these buttons simultaneously to initiate the reversal, as it won’t work if you press one button slightly before the other – it’s all about coordination and timing.



The Importance of Timing in Executing Reversals

Speaking of timing, it’s worth noting that the effectiveness of your reversal heavily relies on when exactly you press L1 and R1. You must hit both buttons at the exact moment your opponent is executing their finisher or signature maneuver.


Practicing and carefully observing your opponent’s actions are required to master this timing. It’s generally easier to reverse signature maneuvers than finishers, but with practice, you’ll get the hang of both.



Dealing with the Game’s Timing

A unique challenge in AEW: Fight Forever comes from the game’s occasionally inconsistent timing. There have been reports from players about the timing not being up to par, and sometimes the reversal moves don’t register as they should.


At times, the move doesn’t work even if you press the reversal buttons at the right time. This can make reversing finishers and signature maneuvers more challenging than it should be, but rest assured, it’s still very much possible. Hopefully, the game developers will address this issue in future updates.



Reversing in a Danger State

Executing reversals when your character is in a ‘danger state’ (a state of low health, for example) presents additional challenges. Currently, it’s unclear whether reversing is more difficult in this state, as most successful reversals have been performed when characters are in green or yellow health states (indicating higher levels of health). Further testing and feedback from players will help determine this.



Final Thoughts

Reversing finishers and signature maneuvers in AEW: Fight Forever requires practice and precision. The game’s timing mechanics might throw you off initially, but with persistence, you can master these critical moves.


Don’t get discouraged if you don’t master it right away. Keep practicing, and soon, you’ll be countering your opponents’ attacks like a pro.


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