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AEW: Fight Forever – How to Win the Casino Battle Royale

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AEW: Fight Forever puts you right in the midst of wrestling mayhem, where strategy and strength are the keys to success. The Casino Battle Royale mode, with its ever-changing dynamics, demands a nuanced understanding of the game’s mechanics. This guide will equip you with the essential knowledge to gain the upper hand in the ring, from discerning the right target to leveraging unique signature maneuvers.



1. Selection of Your Target

As soon as your match begins, identify an opponent to target. Like a predator eyeing its prey, focus your attention on this individual. Your primary objective in these initial moments should be to wear down your opponent’s Spirit bar. Remember, your strategy should be thoughtful and tactical; it’s a strategic game, not a simple one.



2. Attack Your Opponent

Attacking is the cornerstone of any wrestling match, whether in the digital realm or the real world. Go on the offensive by attacking your chosen opponent. As you continue to land successful blows, you’ll see your opponent’s Spirit bar deplete. When it nears the blue zone, you’re ready to attempt your first elimination.



3. Master the Art of Grappling and the Irish Whip

Elimination in the Casino Battle Royale requires finesse. You’ll need to grapple your opponent first. This is achieved using the R2 button. Following a successful grapple, execute an Irish Whip to throw your adversary towards the ropes. Think of it as a one-two punch; grapple to secure your hold, then use an Irish Whip to propel them towards the ropes.



4. Elimination

Once your opponent is teetering on the ropes, it’s time to press the advantage. Press the triangle or square button three times quickly to eliminate them from the match.



5. Repeat the Process

You need to repeat these steps for each opponent in the ring. If you’re dealing with multiple opponents, always target the one with the weakest Spirit bar. It’s survival of the fittest, and you want to be the last one standing.



6. The Role of Reversals

Remember, while you’re on the offense, you also need to maintain your defense. You’ll need to use reversals at times to ensure you aren’t eliminated yourself. The reversal is your counter move, your quick defensive action that keeps you in the game.



7. Steer Clear of High-Spirited Opponents

Attempting an Irish Whip on opponents with a high Spirit bar might be tempting, but it’s ill-advised. They are less likely to be tossed towards the ropes, thereby wasting your efforts. Stick to your strategic approach; sometimes, it’s smarter to exercise caution.



8. Utilize Signature Maneuvers

Each character in AEW Fight Forever has unique signature maneuvers. Use these to your advantage to further weaken your opponents, making them more susceptible to elimination.



9. Timing the Elimination

The perfect time for elimination is when an opponent’s Spirit bar is in the yellow or green zone. At this point, you can Irish whip them towards the ropes for elimination. Timing is everything in the ring, and the Casino Battle Royale is no different.



10. Claim Your Victory

Ultimately, victory comes from outlasting your opponents. Continue to eliminate opponents until you’re the last superstar standing in the ring. And when that moment comes, remember to savor the applause; you’ve earned it!


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