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AEW: Fight Forever – How to Install Mods

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Getting Connected

So, you want to dive into the world of mods for AEW: Fight Forever, huh? That’s cool. First things first, we need to get you connected with the right folks. Hit up Discord and join the AEW games official and the PW mods servers. Trust me, these places are a gold mine of info and they’re gonna be super helpful.



Get the AEW Custom Launcher

Ready to move on? Great. To start modding, you need a special tool called the AEW Custom Launcher. Go ahead and download the latest version of this launcher. Once it’s done you need to put it in the right spot.


Find where “AEW: Fight Forever” is installed on your PC – if you’re not sure where you can find it via your Steam library. Go to the game, right-click and choose ‘Properties’, then click ‘Local Files’ & finally ‘Browse Local Files’.


You’ll see a few folders there. Go to “AEW Fight Forever > Binaries > Win64”. Now, drag the AEW Custom Launcher that you just downloaded right into that Win64 folder.



Make a Mods Folder

It’s time to carve out a home for your mods. Go to your “AEW: Fight Forever” directory, then “Content > Packs,” and create a new folder named ~mods.



Pick Your Mods and Download Them

Now that you have a place for your mods, head back to the Discord servers. Find some mods that catch your eye, download them, and drop them into the ~mods folder.



Fire Up the AEW Custom Launcher

With a few mods in your arsenal, go back to the “Binaries > Win64” folder and run the AEW Custom Launcher. You’ll see a list of your mods—pick the ones you want to activate.



Play Around with Your Mods

From here, you can experiment with your mods. Want to change up the arenas? Go for it. Feel like switching up the lighting? Do your thing. This is where you get to make the game truly yours.



Be Aware of the Potential Risks

Here’s a word of caution—try not to use mods in your main game folder and don’t play online when using mods. You don’t want to run into any game problems or account bans. And remember, while the launcher might ask for your Epic Games account details, you don’t need to sign in.



Checking the Mods

After configuring the mods to your liking, you can finalize and save your settings. Now, it’s time to see your mods in action! Launch a match and explore your newly installed and customized mods.



Keep Exploring More Mods

Once you get the hang of modding, feel free to explore more mods on This will keep your gameplay fresh and interesting.


And that’s it! Remember, your new Discord buddies are always there if you hit a snag. And always, always back up your files before you start modding – better safe than sorry.


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