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AEW: Fight Forever Ultimate Beginner’s Guide – Tips for New Players

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AEW Fight Forever, an immersive wrestling video game, offers an ideal mix of strategic depth and quick decision-making gameplay. Designed with intricate details and smooth mechanics, the game creates an authentic wrestling experience that appeals to both seasoned gamers and newcomers alike. This expansive beginner’s guide is meticulously crafted to help you unravel the game’s complexities, understand its nuances, and amplify your gaming journey.



Fundamental Mechanics

Character Movement

AEW Fight Forever incorporates fluid character movement, allowing you to run freely within the ring using the left stick. You can perform sudden stops by simply flicking the left stick, a mechanic known as ‘run cancelling’. This can be particularly helpful when you want to quickly change direction or perform a sudden move.



Dodging and Evading

Evading your opponent’s attacks is a crucial element of gameplay in AEW Fight Forever. To perform a dodge, dash, or evasion, flick the left stick in the direction you want your character to dodge (left, right, or backward). This can be instrumental in avoiding incoming attacks and potentially gaining an advantage over your opponent.



Entering and Exiting the Ring

You can smoothly enter or exit the ring by pressing the LT and RT buttons respectively. Exiting the ring can be a strategic move to avoid a potentially damaging attack or to retrieve weapons from under the ring.



Basic Attacks

Basic strikes and grapples can be performed using the X and A buttons respectively. However, successful strikes and grapples often depend on the timing, positioning, and the character’s unique moveset.



Signature and Finisher Moves

Each character in AEW Fight Forever has unique signature and finisher moves. To execute a signature move, first grapple your opponent, then press in any direction on the d-pad. You can also upgrade your signature move to a finisher for added intensity. Lift your opponent, perform a taunt, and execute the finisher move by grabbing the opponent and flipping the right stick.



Pinning and Release

The RB button is used to pin an opponent. If the opponent fails to kick out in time, this can lead to a win. You can release your pin by pressing the LB button.



Reversing Strikes and Grapples

AEW Fight Forever also incorporates a reversal system. You can reverse an opponent’s strikes and grapples by correctly timing the LB button. This tactic requires practice, but when mastered, it can turn the tide of a match in your favor.



Using Weapons

To add an unpredictable element to a match, weapons are available under the ring. Stand in front of the ring apron and press the B button to reach under the ring and reveal a weapon. Press B to pick up the weapon, use X to swing it, and use either A or B to drop it. Holding B allows you to throw the weapon, adding another layer of chaos to the match.



Switching Viewpoints

One of the notable features of AEW Fight Forever is the ability to switch viewpoints. Pressing the RB button will switch the camera to a rear viewpoint, allowing for better spatial awareness. Pressing RB again will return the camera to the front viewpoint.



Essential Moves to Know

Here is a complete list of essential moves and controls you need to know for AEW Fight Forever:


  • X or Square: Regular strikes.


  • Y or Triangle: Kicks.


  • For stronger attacks: Hold X or Square and Y or Triangle.


  • A or X: Initiate a grapple.


  • LB or L1: Let go of grapple.


  • Stick in any direction + A or X: Control your opponent’s direction during grapple.


  • LB or L1: Lift your opponent up.


  • LT or L2 + A or X (close to the opponent): Running attacks.


  • B or Circle: Irish whip (fling your opponent towards the ropes or turnbuckles).


  • LT or L2 + X and A or Square and X (running towards ropes): Execute a Tope, a suicide dive outside the ring.


  • LT and RT or L2 and R2 (during grapple): Irish whip your opponent into or out of the ring.


  • Dragging: You can drag your opponent using one arm drag or leg drags.


  • LT or L2 + Hold Y or Triangle (timing required): Springboard attack.


  • LT or L2 (run towards corner): Climb onto the turnbuckle.


  • LB or L1: Get off the turnbuckle.


  • X or Square: Ground strikes.


  • Y or Triangle: Classic stomps.


  • Flick right stick in any direction: Taunt.



Unique Abilities

In AEW Fight Forever, each wrestler possesses unique abilities that add depth to their performance. For instance, Orange Cassidy can enter a “sloth style” mode by pressing in the right stick. To identify each wrestler’s unique abilities, go to the participants section, then to skill details and action skills. This will help you develop a unique strategy for each wrestler and fully explore their abilities.




When you’re in a pinch, you can activate the desperation mode by flicking the right stick. This is a defensive tactic that only becomes available when you’re in the danger state, meaning you’ve taken significant damage. Desperation mode gives you a chance to catch your breath and can be a game-changer if used strategically.



Stealing Finishers

To heighten the intensity of a match, AEW Fight Forever allows you to steal your opponent’s finisher. To execute this, press the right stick in once your opponent is dazed. Not only does this add an element of surprise, but it also makes matches even more unpredictable.


AEW: Fight Forever PC Controls – Keyboard & Gamepad


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