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How to Perform Finishers and Signature Moves in AEW Fight Forever

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First Things First: Know Your Moves

Every character in AEW Fight Forever has unique finishers and signature moves up their sleeve. Consider these your secret weapons – they can totally flip the script in a match.


Before you get started, it’s crucial to get to know your character. Think of it like a cheat sheet; hit pause, and find the move list. It will show you all the details for your finishers & signature moves, including where and when you can execute them.



Let’s Get Moving!

So, how do you actually perform these moves? For executing finishers, you’ll use the analog stick on your controller. Here, understanding how to manipulate the stick—direction and speed—becomes key. But remember, you’ve got to grapple your opponent first, or else it’s a no-go. If the finisher prompt doesn’t show up on your screen, try going in for another grapple.


On the flip side, you’ll be using the D-Pad buttons on your PlayStation controller for your signature moves. But remember, each character has their own set of moves, so the directions can vary.



Building Momentum: Your Key Strategy

In AEW Fight Forever, gaining momentum is your key strategy for performing these game-changing moves. So, how do you build it up? Taunt your opponent, vary your moves, and don’t forget to use strong grapples and strikes. Just keep in mind, strong strikes leave you open for a quick counter from your opponent.



The Key Moment: Striking Groggy Opponents

Here’s a crucial tip: the “finisher” prompt pops up only when your opponent is groggy. So timing is everything here. Wait for that perfect groggy moment, and then unleash your finisher.



Going for Repeats

After you’ve performed your first finisher, you’re not done. Stay on the offensive, and you’ll keep earning more signatures and finishers. The key? Keep pounding on your opponent.



A Note on the Lack of Community Creations

It’s worth noting that AEW Fight Forever currently lacks a community creations feature. This is a bit of a downer, as such a feature would allow players to design & share their own characters, arenas, and more. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for the addition of this feature in the future!


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