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AEW: Fight Forever – How to Use Thumbtacks


If you’re a fan of AEW: Fight Forever and you’ve been wondering how to bring an extra dash of brutality to your matches, then this guide is for you. Nothing gets the heart pounding like flipping the script in a match with the perfect weapon. And let’s face it, there’s an odd satisfaction in using a handful of thumbtacks in AEW: Fight Forever.



Picking the Right Match

First and foremost, you gotta pick the right match. Thumbtacks are special – they only appear in an “Unsanctioned Lights Out Match.” So, make sure you’re in the right mode before you start.



It’s Battle Time

Next, it’s time to throw down. Your mission? Gather up enough energy to execute your Signature move. The key is landing successful strikes and dodging whatever your opponent throws at you.



Stepping Outside the Ring

Got your Signature move all charged up? Awesome! Now, it’s time to step outside the ring. Guide your character out and get ready to go thumbtack hunting.



Hunting for Thumbtacks

Head over to the edge of the ring and start digging around. You’re looking for thumbtacks among the variety of weapons hidden underneath the ring. Accidentally picked up something else? Don’t sweat it – just toss it and keep searching. If your Signature move is ready, you can move on to finding those thumbtacks.



Unleashing the Thumbtacks

Once you’ve secured those coveted thumbtacks, it’s time to put them to work. Jump back into the ring and scatter the thumbtacks all over the canvas. That’s your new battlefield.



Time for Some Pain

Here’s the fun part – get your opponent onto those thumbtacks. As you watch them wince from the pain and see the thumbtacks sticking to their back, you’ll know you’ve made the right choice.



Keep the Pressure On

Now, keep the match going and make the most of those thumbtacks. The longer your opponent stays in contact with the thumbtacks, the more damage they’ll take. Use this to your advantage and secure your victory!


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