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AEW: Fight Forever – How to Upgrade Your CAWs


Upgrading Your CAWs

Unlike the WWE games franchise, AEW: Fight Forever doesn’t allow players to freely customize the stats & abilities of their created wrestlers immediately. Instead, you must earn the ability to customize stats and abilities through gameplay.


To upgrade these stats and abilities, go to AEW: Fight Forever’s career mode, ‘Road to Elite‘. In this mode, you will play the game as your created character. Once you are in the ‘Road to Elite’ main menu, navigate to the ‘My Wrestler‘ tab. Here, you will see an option for ‘Wrestler Stats‘. This is where you can use skill points to upgrade your CAWs. This also allows you to unlock additional abilities such as having more than one finisher on your character or passive abilities like ‘Unyielding Pose‘.



Skill Points and How to Earn Them

Skill points are one of two types of currencies earned while playing through ‘Road to Elite’. They are crucial to upgrading the stats of your character. The other currency can be used to purchase items in the ‘Road to Elite‘ shop.


You earn these currencies at different rates, depending on the activities you choose to participate in between the main matches. The game lets you shape your progression based on your preferences. If you wish to make sure you maximize your character, you should prioritize activities that reward you with more skill points.



How to Maximize the Amount of Skill Points Earned

There are several ways to maximize the amount of skill points you earn in ‘Road to Elite’:


Game Difficulty: When you first launch ‘Road to Elite’, you are given the option to select the difficulty. The higher the difficulty, the more skill points you earn. However, make sure to strike a balance because while playing at the highest difficulty might yield more skill points, you won’t benefit if you’re losing most of your matches.


Skill Point-Based Activities: After setting your desired difficulty, you should focus on activities that generate skill points. Some activities, such as ‘Intense Training‘ and ‘Workout‘, as well as certain mini-games, yield a higher reward in terms of skill points.


Bonus Skill Point Activities: Activities marked with a red exclamation mark usually reward bonus skill points. These often involve interactions with other AEW stars, such as taking a picture with them.


Extra Matches: As you progress, matches on ‘AEW Dark‘ and ‘Rampage‘ become available, and participating in these can earn you more bonus skill points.


Main Matches: Prioritize winning main matches as they reward you with the most amount of skill points. Pay-per-view matches offer even more skill points compared to regular ‘Dynamites’.


Skill Point Booster: Save up 7500 coins to buy a ‘Skill Point Booster’ from the shop. This item will temporarily boost the number of skill points you earn for the week when you purchase it. For maximum benefit, consider buying these boosters during the last few weeks of the mode.



Recommended Skills to Upgrade

While numerous skills are available for upgrading, certain ones may be more beneficial depending on your gameplay style. Some suggestions include:


Stat Skills: The ‘Momentum Rate‘ increases the speed of earning momentum towards special moves, while ‘Arm Power‘ and ‘Grapple Power‘ are useful if you rely more on grapples and regular strikes.


Action Skills:Anti-Air Defense‘ provides an option to counter opponent’s diving attacks, ‘Keep Up‘ gives you more chances to get back on your feet, ‘Guard Break‘ allows you to break an opponent’s guard with a strong strike, ‘Desperation Impulse‘ enables you to hit a low blow while on the ground, ‘Strike Proficiency‘ increases strike power, and ‘Jump Start‘ lets you move before the starting bell.


Passive Skills: These skills give you momentum and game buffs when completing certain actions. It’s beneficial to get as many of these as possible, as they enhance your overall performance.


Final Warning: If you choose to play through Road to Elite a second time with your fully upgraded character, your wrestler’s stats will reset back to default, and you’ll have to earn all the upgrades again. If you’re satisfied with your current stats and don’t want to reset them, consider avoiding playing ‘Road to Elite‘ a second time with the same character.


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