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AEW Fight Forever: How to Execute Perfect Springboard Dives & Moves

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In the adrenaline-fueled world of AEW Fight Forever, mastering the high-flying, gravity-defying maneuvers can be a game-changer. This guide will help you master executing springboard dives and moves, turning you into an absolute spectacle in the ring. Let’s get started!



Selecting the Right Wrestler

It all begins with choosing a capable wrestler. You can check this by navigating to “wrestler info” on the main menu and pressing Triangle. After selecting a wrestler, press R1 to access their “moves and skills” menu. Hit Triangle again to peek into the “skills list.” If your chosen wrestler has “Springboard Offense” and “Tope Offense” listed under “action skills,” you’re ready to perform some springboard moves.



The Basic Moves

To execute these maneuvers, you’ll be using a combination of Circle and Triangle or X and Square. Experiment with both these combinations – you’ll find they yield different results.



Springboard Moves from Ropes

Ready to wow the crowd with a springboard move off the ropes? As you approach the ropes, press X and Square together. For an alternative springboard move off the ropes, approach the ropes again and press Circle and Triangle.



Diving into the Ring

Even when outside the ring, you can dive back in with style. Press L2 to step out, aim at your opponent using the analog stick, and dive back into the ring by pressing X and Square.



Moves from Turnbuckle

For a different approach, try a move off the turnbuckle. Sprint towards it and hit X and Square to pull off a spectacular move.



Diving Outside the Ring

If your opponent is outside the ring, you can press L2 to grapple and toss them over the ropes. Build some momentum with a short run-up, press X and Square, and watch your character dive out of the ring to your opponent.



Jumping Over the Turnbuckle

Want to surprise your opponent with a dramatic maneuver? Try jumping over the turnbuckle. Approach it diagonally, sprint, and press X and Circle to leap over and land a surprising move.



Jumping Off the Apron

For a thrilling finale, perform a move off the apron. Stand on the apron, aim your analog stick towards your opponent, and hit X and Square.


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