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Warpips Cheats

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Warpips Cheats




The following are all The Warpips achievements and how you can unlock them:


Basic Training

Complete the tutorial.


Island Instigator

Beat the first island in the campaign


Total Domination

Capture every territory in the campaign



Spawn 2000 Infantry


Going Streaking

Win 15 rounds in a row


Grunts Galore

Spawn 500 Marines


Island Intruder

Beat the second island in the campaign


Eagle Eye

Sniper kills 100 enemies


Armored Infantry

Shield Pip takes 3000 damage


Fully Upgraded

Win 30 rounds at Rank 2


Oil Baron

Mine $5,000 cash from Pumpjacks or Oil Derricks


Missile Master

Kill 150 enemies with Missiles


Island Invader

Beat the third island in the campaign


The Art of War

Win 30 rounds in a row



LRV spawns Marines 50 times


Turret Terror

Kill 500 enemies with Small Turrets


Bombs Away

Call in 50 Tactician artillery strikes


Warpip Warrior

Win the campaignon Hardcore difficulty



Marines fire 1500 grenades


Mike + The Mechanics

Spawn 200 Vehicles


Tech Spec

Win 50 rounds at Rank 1


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