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Tribes of Midgard Cheats

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Useful Hints & Tips

  • Loot or craft Special Arrow for extra firepower. The Archer Tower of your village can use them too.


  • Find Dagny in the village to heal your wounds.


  • Different environments have different temperatures. Prepare accordingly.


  • Bring your ingredients to Borgchild in the Village to craft projective shields and armors.


  • Need your allies back at the village? Blow the rallying horn to let them Know!


  • Head to your Journal to learn more information about the world of Tribes of Midgard! To do that while playing the game press M and click to journal-title on the top of the screen.


  • Brown loot bags only be picked up by one player, blue loot bags on the other hand…


  • Plants can become Potions or Traps when brought to Ölvir in your Village.


  • Spend some time with the Shrine in your Village… you may be surprised where it takes you.


  • Use the toggle function in your inventory to hide your helmet while keeping its stats.


  • Help wanted! Take a personal quest from the quest board before going on an adventure.


  • Souls are the life force of all existing things. Minerals contain just a few, plants some and creatures even more so.


  • Watch how some resources shift form as the light recedes from Midgard.


  • Materials are automatically withdrawn from the War chest when crafting at stations or building fortifications.


  • Do not underestimate the value of Fortifications around your village. Better safe than sorry.


  • Pin recipes at Stations to track the Ingredients you need to craft them!


  • Hit an enemy Shield enough times to destroy it completely.


  • Rebuild the farm, lumberyard, and Quarry for regular shipments to the War chest.


  • Follow the red arrow on your compass to track the position of the Jötunn.


  • The healthier the Seed, the greater it’s healing, even when repairing Village fortifications. What a Tree!


  • Keep safe the seed of Yggdrasil, else your world shall crumble to ash.


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