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Beyond Blue Cheats

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Achievements & Trophies

Trophy/Achievement Title

Unlock Requirement

Master of the Sea Earn all other trophies and achievements in the game
A New Beginning Complete the game
Binge Mode Watch all of the Ocean Insight videos
It’s Only a Model Unlock all of the models in the Scan Model Viewer
Scan All the Things Scan everything in the game
Because We Scan: Coastal Region Scan everything in the Coastal Region
Because We Scan: Vents Scan everything in the Vents Region
Because We Scan: Brine Pool Scan everything in the Brine Pool Region
Because We Scan: Seamount Scan everything in the Seamount Region
Because We Scan: Open Ocean Scan everything in the Open Ocean Region
Because We Scan: Atoll Scan everything in all dives to the Atoll Region
Keep Clam and Carry On Unlock the Giant Clam in the Scan Model Viewer
MOLA MOLA Unlock everything for the Ocean Sunfish
Thanks for all the Fish! Unlock everything for the Bottlenose Dolphin
You Guys Made Me Ink! Scan all of the octopuses in the game
Whale, Whale, Whale… Unlock every type of Whale in the Scan Model Viewer
Reef Shark Madness Unlock everything for the White Tip Reef Shark
My Hat is Like a Shark’s Fin Unlock every type of shark in the Scan Model Viewer
You Jelly? Unlock every type of jelly in the Scan Model Viewer
High Fidelity Choose your own music more than 5x in the game
The Ocean Is In My Blood Start your journey
One Ton Baby Girl Complete Dive 1
Clicks and Echoes Complete Dive 2
Everybody’s Gotta Eat Complete Dive 3
Hope and Worry Complete Dive 4
Diving Deep Complete Dive 5
Hot Water Complete Dive 6
Sleeping Whales Complete Dive 7
Goodbye Old Friend Complete Dive 8
Don’t Touch My Radio Choose your own music at least once from the playlist


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