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Necrobarista Cheats

1 256


All Memory Locations

  • The Fisherman I – Ground Floor, bottle and glass by the entrance


  • The Fisherman II – Upper Floor, fish trophy near the billiards table


  • The Fisherman III – Storage, sack by end of shelves on far-right


  • Crucible Product Reviews – Ground Floor, latte machine by pastry display at the counter


  • Ashley’s Journal I – Ground Floor, robot in corner near windows


  • Ashley’s Journal II – Storage, robot in back left corner


  • Judgement I – Ground Floor, Chay’s Collection of books under the stairs


  • Judgement II – Cellar, machine in back right wall


  • Lamington Recipe – Ground Floor, table with food next to the short end of the bar


  • Thinking About Alchemy the Wrong Way – Ground Floor, sandwich board by counter entrance


  • Delicate Operation – Upper Floor, box at end of bookshelves


  • Billiards I – Upper Floor, billiards table


  • Billiards II – Storage, sign hanging on end of shelves near the table


  • Billiards III – Outside, flyer by the entrance


  • Maddy’s Inbox – Upper Floor, laptop near top of stairs


  • Advisory Role – Upper Floor, dishes behind a curtain near the laptop


  • Beth I – Storage, knives


  • Beth II – Outside, bags on pallets


  • Beth III – Cellar, knife on left side


  • Rotten Poppy – Storage, jar on shelves on right side


  • Funereal – Outside, left of the bridge


  • Perfectionist – Outside, axe lying on the tank


  • Ashley’s Inventions I – Outside, right of the bridge, wrench on the wreckage


  • Ashley’s Inventions II – Upper Floor Backroom, tool shelves above the monitors


  • Something Down Under – Upper Floor Backroom, porthole


  • Fate of Icarus – Upper Floor Backroom, the device in front of monitors


  • Tanqueray 10 – Upper Floor Backroom, bottles on the ground by the table


  • Sometimes I Just Sit – Cellar, gourd on the machine on right side


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